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SPANK Pedals: Human Factor Design and Manufactured 5

Get an in-depth and behind-the-scenes look at all that goes into SPANK pedals

SPANK Pedals: Human Factor Design and Manufactured

The SPANK Human Factor is about dialing in the fit and function of your bike in order to get the most out of every moment on the trail. 

As a primary contact point between rider and bike, SPANK has applied special care to the fit and function of our pedals to find the perfect fit for every rider. Few people consider proper fit when it comes to platform pedals. However, grip, safety, and overall comfort and confidence are greatly increased with the right pedal selection for each person’s specific foot size, and riding style.



SPANK is one of the few bike brands that not only designs its components, but also owns the factory that manufactures them. We set high standards for ourselves, and don't cut corners when it comes to designing and manufacturing functional and safe pedals for all disciplines of MTB, and riders of every size and age. Whether it's designed for kids, pump track and dirt jumps, or the World’s highest level Freeride and Slopestyle riders, SPANK insists on high grade materials and manufacturing processes. We employ FEA analysis, and rigorous laboratory and field testing to ensure every pedal is something we’d ride ourselves in any situation. We also use only steel ball peening to surface finish our pedals, which increases the strength and fatigue life of alloy pedal bodies. 

Forged Chromoly Axles

Whether forged Spike and Oozy Trail Pedals, extruded and sized Spoon pedals, or economic die cast Spoon DC pedals, SPANK uses only industry leading equipment. SPANK invested in a precision, pedal specific 5 axis CNC line, fixtures custom produced in Switzerland, and diamond tipped cutting bits from Germany’s leading automotive supplier.

From Spoon 90’s for smaller riders, to Spike Flats for heavy hitters, SPANK designs and produces custom pedal axles for all our pedals, from cold forged Chromoly steel, providing the ultimate in strength and safety, and lowest weight.

Chamfered Leaded Edges

SPANK’s iconic chamfered leading edges on all pedal models were a game changer in pedal design. Forward edges are angled to deflect impacts and glance off obstacles, reducing pedal strike accidents and crashes, and increase pedal clearance in high speed turns.


Low Center of Gravity Design

While pedal thinness is an important factor for pedaling clearance, SPANK pedals also prioritize keeping the rider’s foot as close as possible to the pedal axle, where other pedals are often thickest in this zone. This decreases the need to maintain balance over the pedal axle, improving grip and pedaling efficiency, and reducing dangerous pedal flip.

Low Q-Factor

Q-Factor is the distance between your feet while riding, which should be kept as low as possible for efficiency, maneuverability and clearance. Where most pedals unnecessarily add to the Q-Factor of your bike, with a wrench interface between the pedal and crank, SPANK pedals mount pedals from the backside of the crank, placing them as close as possible to the cranks, decreasing both the Q-factor, and undue leverage which can reduce ultimate strength.

Igus Smart Plastic Bushings

SPANK pedals were the first to utilize custom Smart Plastic pedal bushings from the top producer, IGUS. Today, long lasting, self-lubricating IGUS bushings are more common in high end frames and pedals, due to their superiority to traditional DU bushings. IGUS bushings feature in all SPANK pedals from Spoon DC to Oozy Trail. 


Seals and Industrial Bearings

SPANK uses only pedal specific, custom, Industrial Grade bearings in all our pedals. Bearings are protected from moisture and contamination by axle seals on both inboard and outboard ends. Ingenious Friction Seals also help to reduce pedal free-spin, while ensuring the longevity of bearings and pedal function. 

Shop SPANK Industries pedals direct from our US Sales Office at

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