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RideWrap Now Made In The UK

UK Ambassador Harry Barrett tweakin' Photo by: Andy Lloyd

We love a good portmanteau as much as the next person. But, to be honest, Brexit introduced more than a few challenges to doing business in the UK. VAT, duties, slow delivery times, etc. To navigate those challenges and to make life easier for riders in the UK, RideWrap opened a production facility in the UK.

We are excited to announce the expansion of RideWrap's operations to include local production based in the UK. With this addition, we can support riders across the UK with bike protection components produced in their backyards that get to their doors fast and hassle-free.

So what does that mean for riders in the UK?

  • Fast fulfillment and shipping timelines. Next-day delivery in some cases.
  • Free shipping option. Orders over £95 ship free.
  • You pay the price you see on the site. 
  • Products produced in the UK by riders in the UK. 

Wrap Your Ride With RideWrap

RideWrap is a rider-owned and operated business founded in Whistler, B.C.. Since the beginning, our objective has been simple: help riders get the most out of their time riding bikes. RideWrap has combined a background in precision engineering with a love for riding bikes and built a proprietary system that produces industry-leading frame protection components for all bikes and riders.

Features of RideWrap Protection Kits

• RideWrap film is engineered to protect bicycles.

• RideWrap film is the ideal thickness. Making it easy to install while providing maximum protection.

• RideWrap film is self-healing. Minor marks and scuffs disappear with the warmth of a sunny day.

• RideWrap film is superhydrophobic. It repels water and dirt making it easier to keep your bike clean.



• RideWrap film comes with a 10-year warranty against yellowing and cracking.

• Kits are available in either matte or gloss finish to match your factory paint and is nearly invisible once installed.

• All DIY protection kits include detailed instructions as well as installation tools (microfiber, final cleaning wipes, install solution, and squeegee)

RideWrap Degrees of Protection


UK Pricing

  • Tailored Frame Protection: £95 incl. VAT
  • Covered Frame Protection: £55 incl. VAT
  • Essential Frame Protection: £30 incl. VAT

RideWrap UK Ambassador, Fergus Ryan, throwing a tidy bar turn at the Ard Rock Enduro.

Available now at dealers and at

Designed, engineered, and tested in Whistler, BC. 

Locally produced in Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and the UK.


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