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Revised 2020 NW Cup Schedule Announced 3

Action-packed press conference and media feeding frenzy as officials launch revised 2020 racing schedule.

NW Cup Task Force

Lucky year #13 of the NW Cup has been anything but so far. We all know the challenges so we won't go into all of that. We're here to share some more optimistic news with a new schedule configured to work with the current "phasing programs" being utilized in the PNW. This schedule leaves a little buffer zone as well, so we feel as though you can start planning your summer of racing.  

The Schedule
The adjusted schedule will consist of 5 races (or phases) in Idaho and Washington. All dates are pending state and regional compliance to current guidelines and should be treated as such. The overall points for the 2020 NW Cup will be a best 3 of 5 races with the finals being at Dry Hill in Port Angeles. 

2020 NW Cup Downhill Race Schedule

  • June 26-28 - Tamarack Bike Park, Idaho (round #2 of the 2020 U.S. National DH Series)
  • July 17-18 - Silver Mountain Bike Park, Idaho
  • TBD - Stevens Pass Bike Park, Washington
  • September 18-20 - Dry Hill Bike Park, Washington (possible U.S. National DH Series points)
  • October 9-11 - Dry Hill Bike Park, Washington (Finals)

What About the US DH National Stops?
The opening round at Tamarack Bike Park will also be round 2 of the USDH Nationals. This is thanks in large part to Tamarack stepping up to sponsor the 2020 NW Cup so we can all have the opportunity to go racing! We can't thank them enough for their innovative ideas to make this feasible. They are taking this situation very seriously, and have a solid plan to keep the event as safe as possible. Their plan will leave it up to all of us to follow their guidelines to insure that. In the coming weeks we will elaborate on the subtle changes a bit more.

As for the Dry Hill National that didn't happen, the current plan is for the September Dry Hill race to offer National points. More on that as the season hopefully progresses.

NW Cup Statement
We want to clarify our stance on this world we are all currently living in. Hosting the races is in no way an effort to minimize what is going on and we realize the severity of it all. Also, we feel that with strong coordination with the resorts and minor adjustments, we can all safely be together racing this summer. We also understand that some will not be comfortable racing which is understandable, we'll see you next year for a full reunion. Our commitment is to support everyone in having safe, but still fun events to enjoy.


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