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Rapha Releases First Collection of Performance Trailwear for Autumn / Winter

New wet and winter weather gear from Rapha.

Keep Riding : Defy the Elements

Put to the test in B.C.’s wettest weather, Rapha’s Autumn/Winter mountain bike collection is designed to keep you on the trail despite the change of seasons. With technical mid-layers and outerwear that allow you to embrace the conditions and keep riding, there’s no reason to stay inside when the weather turns cool.


The best season for mountain biking has finally arrived. Fall weather offers the opportunity for adaptation – and the return of our beloved hero dirt. Rainstorms rehydrate thirsty trails, which deliver dreamlike traction on ribbons of singletrack buried deep in the woods. With all-time-high trails comes all-time-low weather. The solution? A whole new range of autumn/winter products from Rapha’s range of Performance Trailwear. With weather-ready and DWR-treated layers such as the Trail Lightweight Jacket, Windblock Jersey, and Trail Pants, to fall staples like the Trail Long Sleeve Technical T-Shirt and Trail Hip Pack, the trails are yours to savour. This collection is intended for those who believe that staying inside is not an option and that the best riding is earned, not given.

Women's Collection

Rapha Women's Trail Windblock Jersey
Rapha Women's Trail Lightweight Jacket
Rapha Women's Trail Technical T-shirt
Rapha Women's Trail Technical L/S T-shirt
Rapha Women's Trail Pants

Field tested on the weather-beaten peaks of B.C., this new collection has earned its stripe. These new pieces were put through the wringer in some of the nastiest riding conditions we could find in Pemberton during a predictably wet week of fall riding. The riders didn’t suffer, and neither will you. This gear is tested to the limits, to keep you comfortable and dry when it matters most, so you can keep riding.

Men's Collection

Rapha L/S Technical T-shirt
Rapha Lightweight Jacket
Rapha Trail Tech T
Rapha 3/4 Trail Tech T
Rapha Trail Windblock Jersey
Rapha Trail Shorts
Rapha Trail Pants


The second season of Rapha Performance Trailwear is focused on beating the weather. As always, we combine bleeding-edge textiles, bombproof construction, and all-mountain aesthetics to create apparel that feels, functions, and looks better than the rest. Designed by mountain bikers, for mountain bikers – and for longevity. We continue to prioritise sustainability, durability and real-world functionality.


Crashes happen, it’s a part of riding a mountain bike. But discarding a jersey or pants just because they have a hole in them is not the way forward. Not only does Rapha Performance Trailwear use innovative and sustainable materials for added durability, most pieces also come with repair patch kits that can save your garment from heading to landfill. Using excess materials from our patterns, your pieces will include patches with a pre-applied adhesive to fix most of the damage your kit could encounter, getting you back out on the trails quickly. If it’s something outside the realm of the patches, most pieces of Performance Trailwear can be sent in for free repair.

About Rapha

Rapha was established in 2004 to address a need for stylish, high performance cycling clothing. It now provides products for every cyclist and continues to push the boundaries of innovation in technical riding apparel. Rapha’s retail model and unique brand values come to life in its many rides and events and global network of Clubhouses that combine retail, cafés and cycling culture all under the same roof.


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