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R-Dog, T-Mac and Bubba - Fasthouse Bacon and Eggs! 2

Burping tires, blowing up berms, chucking the bars and getting copiously crooked. We'd expect nothing less from Ryan Howard, Tyler McCaul and Austin Warren in this ripping edit from Fasthouse.


- photos by Ian Collins

Valencia, CA – (April 27th) – Fasthouse is excited to release its first MTB video today, titled: “Bacon & Eggs.” With Tyler, Bubba and Ryan ready to go (unfortunately Emil and Caroline were still injured during the shoot), they picked a location in SoCal and turned it into an awesome spot to shoot.

Thanks to some rain the week before, the spot turned out pretty prime as you will see in the video. We deliver to you “Bacon & Eggs.” Go to our landing page at www.fasthouse/ for more information. Our Spring MTB Line will be available mid-May.

About Fasthouse

Our passion is anything with two wheels. In the beginning, the guys cutting first track were courageous, free-thinking, and the essence of cool. The heart and soul poured into their love of riding and racing spawned a lifestyle. We invite you to share with us that lifestyle. You can be born into it or you can find it along the way, but once it gets in our blood, it stays there forever. Fasthouse...Speed, Style, and Good Times!

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