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Custom Spec Options, Carbon, Alloy, and Both Wheel Sizes: the 2020 Propain Tyee Is Here 6

Reimagined from the ground up and available in both wheel sizes, the Tyee is made to tackle your trails. Yes, Virginia, you can have a high-end alloy build.

Custom Spec Options, Carbon, Alloy, and Both Wheel Sizes: the 2020 Propain Tyee Is Here


Looking at things from a new perspective, being courageous and breaking new grounds, improve and develop yourself, start a new chapter. That was our vision for the new Tyee. With the 2020 Tyee, we have completely reinvented our Enduro bike. The ideas and experiences of the last six years have flown into its development. The result is a Tyee bike that meets 100% of the definition of an Enduro bike: a versatile and balanced bike that sets new standards, both uphill and downhill.

Frame concept and PRO10

With his mission to develop the best frame concept, Robert Krauss laid the foundation for Propain 12 years ago and the PRO10 suspension system is the quintessence. It has been the heart of our Propain frames ever since and we trust in it 100%.


The new Tyee features the latest evolution of the Pro10 system with the shock integrated into the front triangle. Don’t be fooled by the new looks, the good old Pro10 characteristics remain whilst further improving pedaling efficiency and weight balance.

New design concept

We are also breaking new grounds regarding the formal language. The new Tyee has an elegant, clean but also aggressive look. In the processing of carbon, we use the versatility of the material. Many visible edges and flowing shapes characterize the image of the Tyee. With a love of detail, we have created a design that is tidy, noble and puristic. Small accents give the frame its elegant and clean look.


"The conceptual decisions during the development process of our new Tyee were influenced by our experiences with its predecessors, our 29-inch trail bike, Hugene, and the input from our World Cup downhill team. We have incorporated the best aspects of these insights into the development of the new Tyee to achieve the most versatile and probably best bike we have ever built." - Robert Krauss, CEO

Overall concept and geometry

We believe that an Enduro bike must be a true master of versatility. We achieved exactly that by combining a slack head angle of 65-degrees, a very steep seat angle of 77.5-degrees,  a reach that gives room for movement, and a centrally located floating shock to concentrate the weight around a super low bottom bracket.

The new Tyee provides pedaling efficiency with lots of pressure on the front wheel on the uphill and optimum weight distribution on the downhill. A characteristic that you will notice right away when you get on the bike and never want to miss again. It’s amazing that this change in geometry has significantly improved both the uphill and downhill characteristics.


27.5-inch Wheels
29-inch Wheels

The long-awaited upgrade to our Tyee is here, 29-inch wheels! It took us a while, but we wanted to enter the 29” Enduro segment with a BANG. Of course, we also kept the 27,5-inch option for all fans of the smaller wheels.

Every frame is optimized for the wheel size. It was designed to make the most out of the unique characteristics of the different wheels. Both frames feature 170mm front wheel travel and 160mm rear travel.


The 27.5-inch option of the Tyee comes in the sizes S, M, L and addresses everyone who likes it more playful and agile. It also has a slightly shorter chainstay (430mm) than the 29-inch option.

The 29-inch option is available in the sizes M, L, and XL and aims at everyone who likes it fast and rough. The chainstay length remains at a moderate 445mm which ensures that the bike retains its agility and maneuverability.

The PRO10 system is known for its pedal efficiency, yet we were able to improve it by raising the anti-squat values from around 70% to 100%. Combined with the steep seat tube angle it really sets a new standard for climbing efficiency of enduro bikes. Whilst the rider can’t feel any suspension movement during pedaling the suspension stays completely active and reacts to the smallest bumps. Traction on the uphill is guaranteed.


The previous models of the Tyee have been optimized over the last years to find the ideal progression for the rear suspension. Last year we felt that we have reached an optimum which works incredibly well with both, air and coil shocks. Therefore, we chose not to change it and continued with the same suspension progression for the new Tyee.

Colors and decals

As before, the Propain logo can be chosen individually. So, everyone has the freedom to choose their favorite color combination. A very robust plotted vinyl foil is used for this.

All current colors will be available further on. New in the range is the decal in chrome and the frame color Mars Red Dark (glossy) and Petrol (matte). The Carbon Raw (glossy) gets a unique look through the clear varnish and the special processing of the Blend Carbon becomes visible.

Compared to its predecessor, the Aluminium Raw is now treated with a special clear sealant and stands out with its elegant matte finish.

Blend Carbon

Carbon Raw

Carbon Badmint
Carbon Mars Red

So, what’s unique about Blend Carbon? We believe that a great carbon bike is not made from a single kind of carbon material but from a blend of high-end carbon materials. If we would only use one kind of carbon material on the complete frame, we wouldn’t be able to make use of the various properties carbon raw materials do offer. On Propain bikes different resin-impregnated (prepreg) carbon layers are combined to a unique blend that is best suited for the job at a certain location on the frame. Depending on the requirements for stiffness, flexibility, impact resistance, weight, strength or stress direction, different fibers, and cloths are used. Propain only blends the best of the best into their bike frames; prepreg material that is also used for airplane fuselages, wings and many other applications you trust in, probably with not even knowing about it.

Blend Alloy

Alloy Raw

Alloy Petrol
Alloy Mars Red

The same concept is also used for our aluminum frames. Here different alloys are used in one frame. A Blend Alloy frame consists of at least three different alloys. For example, the tubes of the frame are usually made of a more fatigue-resistant material than the forged or CNC-machined parts.

Frame parts, such as rockers and axles, are usually made of 7075 T6 aluminum. These provide very high strength.Propain's Blend Carbon and Blend Alloy are not fancy marketing terms, it describes Propain's unique manufacturing process and is the reason for the light and durable frames we are known for.

Internal routing with channel


Internal cable routing became a standard for modern bikes. It is the smartest, safest and, above all, the cleanest way to route the cables. We are taking this to a new level by equipping the carbon frames with internal cable channels in which the cables run. This makes the fitting super easy and any cable noise in the frame is eliminated.

Frame weight (in size M)

  • Alloy 3.7Kg (8.15 pounds)
  • Carbon 2.7Kg (5.95 pounds)

Specs and prices

We are and remain custom! Propain stands for custom bikes and each bike can be configured individually. Each bike is assembled by us in Vogt per order. The new configurator makes it even easier to build your dream bike. In addition, we also offer three pre-spec’d models.

Depending on the configuration, the alloy version is priced between € 2399 and approx. € 6974. The carbon version starts at € 2999 and ends at approx. € 7724.


Head to for more information and details.


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