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Pivot Cycles 'All About Bikes Podcast' EP.6 - Chatting With the Inventor of FOX Live Valve

Chris Cocalis and Jens Staudt sit down with Everett Erikson to cover the many frequently asked questions about FOX's automated electronic suspension system.

Join Pivot Cycles own Jens Staudt and Chris Cocalis as they sit chat with FOX Senior Design Engineer and Live Valve inventor, Everett Erikson. This episode covers many of the questions frequently asked about Fox Live Valve: where the idea for the system came from, how it works for a rider on the trail, and why it is much more than a lockout function. “Fox Live Valve operates seamlessly to allow the rider to have the suspension working when you want it and locked out when you don’t, in real time over any kind of terrain,” said Erikson. Cocalis added, “With Live Valve, we have the ability to not only tune the electronics to make the suspension go from firm to open as needed, but we can also tune the suspension valving to be even more plush when open, allowing the bike to perform better in a wider range of terrain than it would with just standard suspension.”

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