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Park City Skillet session 0

Early this past spring, Lizard Skins released the Charger Evo grip and sent us out a few sets to test and produce some creative content We tossed around a few ideas and ultimately settled on something easy right in the backyard: The Skillet zone in Park City, UT. This spot has been around for years and years, and is a really fun early and late-season session spot with some new and old big wood features. Like any good spot, the Skillet is always evolving as riders come and go and put their signature style into building more and more to ride. Big thanks to Lizard Skins for the project support, and bigger thanks to all Skillet builders over the years who have made this spot so unique and fun!

Skillet session

Lizard Skins Charger Evo Grip + Monitor SL gloves= comfy hands!

We built this feature in the Skillet about a year ago and it's always a fun time: Big old step down into a massive hole in the ground...

The infamous Skillet road gap. Not sure who originally created this thing but it's been around forever. A quick Google search will reveal lots of images of cars/trucks being jumped over and various other shenanigans.

Huge thanks to Rand Marino for all photo and video work. 


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