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SEATTLE, Wash., January 6, 2021 - PNW Components announced today that their products will now be covered under a lifetime warranty.

PNW Components strives to develop products that will stand up to the test of time. The brand will now cover both current products as well as future products under the limited lifetime warranty. 

"When Emily and I started the company back in 2015, we wanted to create the most customer-centric brand in the industry. For us that means treating our customers like we’d want to be treated, and creating reliable and affordable products that also look great,” said Aaron Kerson, Co-Founder of PNW Components. “We're ecstatic to follow through with this vision and offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products to existing and future customers. We truly are here to give our customers the best experience possible."

PNW is committed to serving customers for the lifetime of their products. 

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About PNW Components:

Founded in 2015, PNW Components designs and manufactures industry leading components for the bicycling industry. PNW Components wants you to ride your bike and love it. #dobikes

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iceman2058 iceman2058 1/6/2021 9:00 AM

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Does this kind of "lifetime warranty" realy different than normal warranty? Firstly most mtb products are incompatible after 5 years, this is hyperbole of course but you know what i mean. Second, most manufacturing errors are exposed with in a few rides if not with in a season or two of riding. What is realy useful is the guarantee that spare parts would be available after years of use,which means less products thrown to the garbage because of designed or planned obsolescence. Also just a plug, please listened to paul aston's downtime podcast interview. A few interesting inside info on review sites.

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It does in the sense that the manufacturer standy behind the design with the utmost confidence. It of course depends on the type of product, you can't have unlimited lifetime warranty on all parts as people will just destroy them to get new ones, but still.

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You are correct. But it is customer who is to blame. People are throwing things out nowadays way sooner than it is necessary. A new bike every 2 years. That's why they did some math and it came out that they can introduce "lifetime" warranty.

The subject is very complex. It is a dynamic relation between producers and customers. Shimano for example makes great gear but their disc brakes are absolutely not serviceable. You cannot replace a piston there. And yet still people are buying their brakes. And not Formula or Hope or even Sram where you can replace every part after more than 10 years of usage. People are lazy and prone to consume in not very clever way. Crowd follows crowd.

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Yup, can confirm, I rebuilt mine and a few other Guide brake sets, both calipers and levers. The choice of spare parts could be even better (each and every spare part available by itself would be just out of this world, but it'd be an SKU nightmare, I know that) and the Rock Shox sealkits are a bit of hit and miss lately (at least for the Super Deluxe), but spare parts, servicability and clear instruction manuals are the reason Sram gear is VERY high on my list of components to buy. That and spare part avilability, this is also a big factor, good servicability with custom parts you can't get doesn't help much.

I've never had problems with shimano parts, that maybe because we have local manufacturing of shimano, which is the same for rockshox suspension but not sram. I thinks the answer is local or regional support. Here in south east asia, i don't even think pnw has regional support.

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You and I didn't write about support or lack thereof. We were discussing parts availability, repairability and so on. Shimano is not repairable. It doesn't matter how good their support is. They can offer you a new brake caliper but they will not offer you a piston as a part. These ARE disposable items.

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I guess i wasn't able to state my thoughts very well. My concerns were more on the availability of parts. Specially when not in North america or western europe. Spares for sram and specially hope and formula are not easily available here. If people have to wait for weeks or months for it, most people would just buy a new one. I had this problem with cane creek shocks. They offered to have it serviced if i courrier it to germany. My reverb doesn't have lifetime warranty but because there is local service center i can have it serviced here.

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