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Alex and Denny Lupato simply love mountain biking: The Italian brothers have been shredding mountain bikes for over 15 years. They started with cross country, but nowadays the two of them are successful enduro riders. Since last year, the two athletes ride for team Trek Cingolani. We spoke to Alex and Denny about biking in general, trails in the Stelvio National Park and bike holidays with the family.

Alex and Denny Lupato taking a break at Bocchetta di Forcola, Bormio. Italy

The bike is celebrating its 200th birthday this year. Can you imagine life without a bike?

Alex: I don’t think so! Biking is my life! I love it and I can’t live without bikes. 

Denny: No, I can’t imagine my life without a bike at all. I start my day thinking of my bikes and my entire life revolves around them.

You have just returned from a trip to Bormio – how was it? Did you enjoy yourselves? Was this your first bike trip to Bormio?

Alex: It was a really nice trip and I loved the trails and the landscape. It wasn't my first time in Bormio, but I rode a lot of new trails.

Denny: I really enjoyed this trip to Bormio. I stayed there before, but this time I discovered many new spots with fantastic trails.

The Lupato Brothers enjoy the stunning view on the Panoramico Pizzini Trail

The Stelvio National Park is simply stunning. Is there a trail you particularly enjoyed? And why?

Alex: Yes, I really enjoyed the trail from "Passo Zebrù" because it was very long and natural.

Denny: I had a lot of fun riding the "Panoramico Pizzini Trail" (the trail, so called by the local guides, goes from the Pizzini mountain hut to the Ables trail). It was all up and down where you can ride your bike as fast as you can.

The Zebrù pass is one of the world’s highest mountain passes - a biking experience to remember!

Do you have a tip for keen riders who want to shred the trails around Bormio?

Alex: It’s always a good idea to contact a local guide, because they can show you the best trails.

Denny: Always make sure to bring a backpack with a jacket, because the weather changes quickly.

As teenagers you were into cross country, but a few years ago, you turned to enduro. Do you also do road cycling?

Alex: I have never raced with a road bike, but I use it for training and enjoy it a lot.

Denny: Normally, I use a road bike for training and I like it very much. A few years ago when I raced in XC, I participated in some easy races during a team camp.

Up the Stelvio on a bike. Would you like to try it out?

Alex: I’m not that much into long climbs, but it would be a good experience for sure... Only if I’m in good shape. (laughs)

Denny: Why not… I like to take big climbs with a road bike and so far, I have never done the Stelvio.

What makes Bormio special in your eyes?

Alex: The local food...I love "pizzoccheri"* (laughs)

Denny: The landscape all around the city.

Alex, you have a little son. Would you go on a family holiday in Bormio? Luckily, there aren’t only trails for a professional athlete like yourself, but also trails for everybody…

Alex: Yes sure, I’d love to do that. I love to spend time with my family and after a training day, I could go for a nice walk around Bormio with my son and my girlfriend.

Taking a break at the city center of medieval Bormio

Your father rode downhill in the 90s. In what way did your father have an influence in you becoming professional athletes?

Alex: Everything started when I was a child. From a very young age I attended my father’s races and I joined him in the pits with my little bike. When I started to race professionally, my family was always with me.

Denny: From the beginning, I had my father and later also my brother as a role model. So it was easier for me to become a professional athlete, because all of my family always pushed me hard.

Many thanks for the interview and good luck for the rest of the season!

*Special sort of Pasta made from buckwheat

 Find out more about Bormio here.

Images: Markus Greber/Bormio


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