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Nicolai Introduces the Saturn 14 ST 'Super Trail' 1

Succumbing to popular demand, Nicolai has beefed up its short-travel trail bike to allow for burlier builds.

Nicolai Introduces the Saturn 14 ST 'Super Trail'

We have been manufacturing and delivering the SATURN 14 for over six months and we have received an enormous amount of positive feedback from day 1. The versatility of the frame makes this bike a true all-rounder up and downhill. But we received some questions from our loyal fans: Why doesn't this frame have bike park approval, and why is it limited to 34mm fork stanchions?

The SATURN 14 in its current version is not warrantied for bike park use or suspension forks over 34mm stanchions. Since we paid careful attention to the details of frame weight, we had to place limits on the frame for its intended purpose. However, the number of inquiries continued to increase.

Feedback reflected the fact that the GEOLUTION geometry and frame kinematics can increase trail performance and overwhelm a 34mm stanchion fork – we saw a need for action.


Due to our "modular frame system" and continuing our in-house frame production in Mehle, Germany, we are now able to offer the SATURN 14 in a tougher version and with bike park approval. The frame gains the suffix ‘ST’. ST is the suffix for ‘SUPER-TRAIL’. NICOLAI connoisseurs may be surprised and associate ST more with the meaning ‘SUPER TRAVEL’. We are aware of the danger of confusion, but unfortunately, we have not come up with anything better. Our core competence and drive is engineering, frame construction and the perfect finish – not marketing.

A NICOLAI SATURN 14 frame graced with the ST moniker has a thicker down tube, seat tube, and top tube, as well as gussets on the head tube. We also changed the rear dropouts and chainstays to one of our stronger versions to increase stiffness.

The frame travel is still set at 138/130mm, but can be fitted with a burlier fork up to 160mm travel.


Frames given bike park approval must meet the highest requirements at NICOLAI. All of our frames can withstand a great deal of stress caused by riding. However, it is also important in the bike park that the frame can withstand impacts caused by riding errors or crashes. The regularity of riding errors is significantly higher in the bike park than on home trails or XC tours. This statement is somewhat sweeping, but it is largely true. Conversely, this does not mean that the SATURN 14 cannot handle a fall or two. It simply means that the SATURN 14 ST offers more in reserve to give the frame a long life.

The Saturn 14 ST is designed for those who are looking for the one bike to rule them all. From a day trip to bike park use.


Ronny Racing played a decisive role in the development of the SATURN 14 ST and has already extensively tested the frame. Therefore we offer the SATURN 14 ST in Ronny Racing design for a special price. We have 10 special offer frames in stock for the price of 1999€. The frame colour is RAW with an EXTRALOVE combination of green, red and orange parts. Ronny Racing contributes a jersey in your desired size.



NICOLAI’s interpretation of the radical trail bike is named the SATURN 14 ST. The SATURN 14 ST inspires the rider with its modern and balanced GEOLUTION TRAIL geometry: perfect for a lap from your house, around a trail centre, or bikepark. The GEOLUTION TRAIL geometry is best described in three words: agile, stable and climb-friendly. Crashing ‘over the handlebars’ downhill, or front wheel lift going uphill are in the past, the SATURN 14 ST can do exactly what a trail bike has to do. 

To avoid confusion, the SATURN 14 ST is offered with a reinforced tube set and bike park approval. The extension ST means SUPERTRAIL and expands the NICOLAI product portfolio. The SATURN 14 remains in the range and is aimed at somewhat more dignified drivers.

With two possible wheel sizes, geometry adjustment and water bottle mounts, it is the most versatile NICOLAI trail bike we have ever built.

  • GEOLUTION TRAIL geometry
  • 27.5” and 29” compatible
  • 130/138mm rear travel
  • Sizes S-XXL
  • Tailormade geometry available
  • Complete colour and component customisation
  • 5-year warranty, 10-year spare parts availability
  • Made in Germany
  • Frame only – €2,499
  • Full bike – from €6,499

A great bike is the sum of its features combined with its manufacturing processes, which is why so much time was spent on every shape and angle of this bike. From the topology optimised linkage carved out of one hunk of aluminium, fantastic climbing and descending geometry, and we have even made space for a big water bottle cage inside the triangle.



We offer the SATURN 14 in two versions. The SATURN 14 with the suffix ST (SUPERTRAIL) is manufactured with a reinforced tube set. This gives the bike clearance for forks with an length of up to 570mm and a diameter of 36mm. The standard SATURN 14 has no approval for the bike park and the fork length is limited to 550mm. The frame weight increases by about 300gr depending on the frame size.

GEOLUTION TRAIL - more speed, more fun


GEOLUTION is the geometry concept on which all current Nicolai models are based. Over the past three years, NICOLAI has been working with Chris Porter on GEOLUTION. To summarise this for people who have not already heard about the future of bike geometry, we can focus on four main points:

  • Longer reach (frame length) means that even the tallest rider can take advantage of modern short stems and wide handlebars without being cramped
  • Slacker head angle reduces the risk of ‘over the bars’ crashes, improves front wheel grip and high-speed stability
  • Longer wheelbase centralises the rider in the bike to give a more stable ride when climbing and descending
  • Steeper seat tube angle makes climbing easier, especially on steep sections by reducing front wheel wander

The GEOLUTION TRAIL concept is less ‘extreme’ than the geometry found on the G1 enduro bike, but still years ahead of the average cross country racer. Fun, agile, fast, stable; characteristics that will leave you itching to get out for the next ride.



27.5”, 29”, both? Thanks to the Mutator chips located on the seat stay and lower headset cups to change the stack height, one SATURN 14 frame can be configured anyway you choose. Big wheels for big riders, small wheels for smaller riders, hybrid sizes for those who want the best of both worlds: huge front wheel grip, fast speed generation from pumping, and unparalleled cornering response on unknown trails. The geometry chart shows our factory settings, but there are plenty of options if you know what you would like to customise. Have an idea but not sure which parts to choose? Get in touch, tell us what you would like, and we will provide the solution.

Thanks to Metric shock sizing, one shock length can offer two different stroke lengths for different travel options: A frame built with 27.5” wheels can use a 210 x 55mm or 210 x 50mm shock to provide 138mm or 130mm of rear wheel travel. However, with a 29” rear wheel, only the 210 x 50mm shock, for 130 mm of travel, can be used due to reduced tyre clearance.



The NICOLAI SATURN 14 is available in five sizes from S–XXL to suit riders from 160cm – 205cm. With reach figures ranging from 450mm - 540mm, we already have the widest sizing range in the bicycle industry. However, thanks to continuing to build everything in-house, if one of the regular sizes isn’t suitable, we will work with you to produce your perfect custom geometry frame. ‘Tailor-Made’ frames are subject to a surcharge, but it means that every rider can own their perfect bike – no compromises.


The SATURN 14 is finalised with space for a full-size bottle cage, ISCG splines to mount a chain guide or bash guard, and our full external routing. Why not internal routing? The only reason we can find for this is that ‘it looks nicer,’ and it can protect housing put in the line of fire from the ground and rocks. Our routing is fully external, placed out of harm’s way, and the rear brake and derailleur housing can be replaced without disconnecting or removing any other parts of the frame – the way it should be. As the Saturn is designed as a lightweight machine, we also use titanium bolts at the Horst Link connection, and for shock mounts, this saves a few more grams and looks cool as a side effect.



Wondering what that black thing is hidden behind the shock and seat-tube ? Every iteration of the Saturn since 2004 has featured a tension bar. This is an extra connection between the lower shock bolt and the rocker link pivot, why? When the suspension bottoms out at full compression, forces continue to try and move these pivot points away from each other (you can see many frames break around this area). The tension bar resists this and keeps the maximum forces in check, meaning that lighter tubing and machined parts can be used in this area to reduce overall weight.


Like all NICOLAI bikes, customisation is key. Choose from a frame only at €2,499 or complete builds starting from €6,499 with only the best parts from FOX, INTEND, HOPE, MAGURA, TUNE, CONTINENTAL, SRAM and LEVELNINE.

After picking your favourite parts, all colourways can be customised, and as all of our processes are done in house, pick anything from 100% anodized black to every single component piece of the frame in a different colour - no limits.


Saturn 14 29


Saturn 14 27.5


Saturn 14 Hybrid



That is not all to the SATURN, though, there is much more to learn and read about on our website. We continue to design using topology optimisation programming, engineer all of our bikes from premium grades of aluminium in Germany in our new state-of-the-art factory which includes the latest machinery and tech, and offer full customisation like “Extra-Love” finishing colours, ‘Tailormade’ custom geometry, and componentry of your choice.

Head on over to for more.

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