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NS Bikes UR Team Officially Partner with LEM Helmets 1

The NS Bikes UR Team enters their third season with LEM Helmets, adding goggles to the lineup for 2022.

We are stoked to continue our partnership into 2022 with LEM helmets which have now just added goggles to their line up. We will be going into our 3rd year with LEM and we are stoked to finally see the product we’ve been helping develop start to be available for everyone. 


Helmet safety is a big one in cycling and no one wants to compromise the most important part of their body and that is why the design of the helmet has been focused on safety but also from testing at home and on the race track, the team has helped fine tune all the features and fit to take it to the next level. 

“Working with LEM has been awesome because they really want to make a good product with function being at the top of the list. The helmet feels crazy comfortable and really safe so I just feel good wearing it. And they’re always asking for feedback to improve, especially with the goggles now. All in all just a really good company to work with.” - George Brannigan 

“Really happy to continue with LEM this year, they work hard on their products to work with the athletes. They build quality safe helmets that have saved me a few times. This year they introduced their goggles to the line up and so far no complaints from me. Thanks LEM.” - Tracey Hannah

“As a gravity team, helmet safety is something that no one wants to compromise on. We have been amazed by the level of safety that has been reached, and it was great to work closely with the LEM team to help fine tune the details of the full-face helmets, and now we are stoked that everyone can get their hands on these awesome products.” - Fabien Cousinie, Team Owner & Rider 


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