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NS Bikes UR Team Custom 'Bikes Not Bombs' Jerseys 1

The custom jerseys will be auctioned off after Leogang, and all funds will be donated to help the Ukrainian people.

The racing season is ramping up, summer is around the corner, the fans are back at the races but for us it’s hard to ignore that this weekend in Leogang we will be racing about 900km from the Ukraine border, where the country sees an unfair and dramatic situation for millions of people.

As NS Bikes are from Poland, a country bordering Ukraine, they started a “Bikes not bombs” T-shirt in support of the Ukrainian people. Inspired by them, we decided to also show our support by making a Ukrainian color themed jersey that will be auctioned.

These custom jerseys will be worn and raced by George, Kye and Vanesa then they will be raffled off with all donations going towards The Polish National Campaign To Support Ukraine. They are directly helping as many Ukrainian people touched by this situation.

On the link below you can donate whatever you want and we will randomly draw 6 people to be able to win the jerseys which will be announced through our instagram. When donating please leave your full name you wont be entered into the raffle of the jersey. You can donate for your chance to win HERE 


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