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Something that started as a simple Enduro ride ended up being an adventure of Freeride.


I have always been considered a quiet and simple guy, who enjoys the simple things in life, though occasionally I give up a few quirks that make me feel a little happier. What I had never imagined is that after this adventure my character would change. I think you could literally say that my own soul is wrapped in fire. I have the feeling that inside me is a herd of horses ready to jump the fence and go into a full runaway gallop. I'd better tell you the story from the beginning.


I don't have to think twice to take my Enduro bike in the car. I always take the time for a good musical session and to buy some snacks along the way. I already knew this area so I headed towards La Fenasosa, an almost magical special place, I daresay.

PhotoThe true essence of this bikepark is the people who do the work, the Orban family. The affection they transmit in dealing with people in your first few seconds of meeting them you will feel like one more of the family, I mean, when I think of the Fenasosa I not only think of the trails but the people who make it happen.

PhotoSuddenly when I am down one of the trails I hear a noise and think: "Shit, I've flatted again ..." But after checking my two tires I realize that they are perfect. Continued to drop, enjoying every jump, every camber, and again hear the same noise.

PhotoI decide to start again and that's when out of nowhere an incredible yellow bicycle literally passes over me. Exclaimed: "But it will be ******". I immediately launched, to give everything I had into my pedals, downhill, to pursue the subject that had disturbed my enduro route.

PhotoThe truth is that it is not easy to catch him, I get close, very close. At each camber we link up but when we reached the rock garden area he begins to pull away from me. The guy is very fast and flies very, very well.

PhotoIt seems to me he is making his escape when a string of big jumps starts. So skillfully I took a shortcut to some other jumps that allow me to go faster through the section.

PhotoFinally I get to catch up, but I think it was because we have reached the end of the descent.

PhotoFinally the helmet is removed as he extends his hand and says, "Hi I'm Tobi and you?". I could only answer without looking away: "nice bike" while my brain recognized the face of the guy who had passed me over few minutes back up the trail was German freerider Tobi Wrobel !.

PhotoAfter a few more descents we decided to call it a day and go to rest at La Fenasosa. A shower and a good meal are the perfect prelude to engage in a good chat with Tobi about the new Rose Soul Fire and a great day of riding.

PhotoAnd now I think it is time to go to sleep. But something has changed in me after the downhills with Tobi. It called up something inside me, something burning. Did I catch the essence of the Soul Fire? Perhaps this video will help remove any doubt...




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