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"The first time I was lucky enough to visit Woodward West was in 2011 for Vitalmtb's Supersessions and amoung all the craziness the one thing that really stood out to me, and understandably so, was the huge megaramp perched on the hillside. I grew up watching the xgames and Big Air was always my favourite event so to actually see one of the ramps up close and personal was amazing and eye opening for sure. Ever since that day its been a feature I wanted to do some filming on, push my comfort zone, and see if I could bring some of my bigger tricks to the big ramp."

The top

"This past summer I got my chance to make it happen. I made the drive out during the 2nd week of camp and got to spend a few days getting reacquainted with the park, riding with campers, and day dreaming about riding the megaramp again. I had only hit the smaller 50 ft side of the ramp before and was anxious to get the first couple attempts on the bigger ramps out of the way. The weather was looking good for a morning session on the 3rd day so we planned a 6am shoot. I'm always a little nervous about trying to get up early and start hammering right away. Luckily the sound of your tires humming like an airplane taking off as you bomb down the wooden drop in has you wide awake in no time. There was little wind and I was feeling comfortable on the 50ft ramp so I moved up for my first hit on the medium ramp. I was planning on filming on the largest jump and wanted to hit it and get comfortable as soon as possible because we only had a couple days to film with limited windows on the Megaramp. The 60 was feeling perfect and with a good hard pump at the top and a nice pop on the lip I had perfect speed. Finally I moved up to the largest ramp, it was crazy the difference in speed I seemed to need for those 10 extra feet. I took two pedals on the run in but was quickly doing air pedals and shortly after I took off I knew I was coming up short hard. Luckily its basically an enormous table top, however, I bounced off the knuckled and had to ditch the bike. That landing is huge but its crazy how quickly it zips by when your going that fast. Let me tell you its not nearly as fun to crash on as I thought it would be either; For some reason I pictured it being like going down a big awesome slip and slide. While it is definitely a pretty safe set up, it still felt like wood when I hit it haha. I have a new appreciation for the guys that are out there throwing down ground breaking tricks on set ups like this all the time. Anyway it made the decision pretty simple that I should stick to the 60 and start thinking about some tricks. The first thing I went for was a backflip as I figured it would probably be the easiest. It's crazy how slow you can pop with that much air and it's so fun just floating it around but at the same time it doesn't take much to overdue it! It felt amazing once I got that first trick down and thats when everything really started to click."


"I ended up getting two awesome sessions in on the ramp before it was time to head home and I was so happy to clean a couple of the big moves I had been dreaming about doing on that ramp for so long. I'm back to the drawing board for now and day dreaming about my next encounter with the MegaRamp. I hope you enjoy the video!"


Garrett wanted to give a few shout outs to those that helps, thanks to Jake Kinney and everyone at Woodward West for making it possible!

Thank to NS Bikes/Octane One, iXS, Atomlab, SR Suntour, Joystick and BE Headwear you guys are amazing and I couldn't do it without you!

Cinematography : Mike Bailey Portrait

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