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Leatt Welcomes Canadian Freeride Icon Brett Tippie To the Family 1

Good times ahead for all involved!

Cape Town, South Africa, February 11, 2021 - Known for its supreme range of protective products, Leatt is thrilled to welcome Canadian freeride Icon, Brett Tippie to the #LeattFamily. After decades of pushing the boundaries of the sport, Brett went in search of premium protection, so he can continue hitting hard lines, while reducing risk as much as possible.


Brett will be wearing Leatt’s helmets with 360° Turbine Technology, designed to reduce dangerous rotational and linear impact forces to the head and brain. The Godfather of freeride mountain biking has also sparked a keen interest in neck braces, Leatt’s most well-known product. Limb and body protection, with softshell 3DF impact foam and Airflex impact gel will also be keeping him safe and comfortable.

"I am very excited to work with Leatt. These products are top-notch in quality, protection and looks, and the helmets fit my gigantic head like no other. They have a well-respected legacy and reputation of keeping riders safe and confident to push themselves to go faster, harder and further. I am honored to be a part of the Leatt team." – Brett Tippie 

Leatt Helmets and Concussion Risk Reduction

"One of the main things that made me feel convinced in the safety of the Leatt helmets was studying research on the effectiveness of their 360° Turbine Technology. These little disc-shaped turbines that are positioned against your skull are designed to deform and bend, absorbing energy from impacts and reducing rotational forces that cause concussions. The numbers and effectiveness of this system speak for themselves and I'm trusting my brain to this product to keep me safe, while shredding in the mountains. I have many jokes to remember and tell and I need all the help I can get! Haha" – Brett Tippie

Independent Study Proves Necks Braces Reduce Risk of Severe Injuries

"Working with Leatt, I have the opportunity to use the world's first and best neck brace. I have never used one before, but I am really keen to protect myself riding bike parks (and big mountain descents and various situations I put myself into) after I read the independent report that proves over a 10-year study that neck braces can reduce the risk of severe neck injury by up to 89% and actually reduce collarbone injuries by up to 47%! This is something I cannot ignore because I've got kids and although I've been freeriding gnarly lines since the 80's and been lucky, I want to keep giving 'er...but be as safe as I can doing it!" – Brett Tippie

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