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Introducing the World's Lightest 80mm Dropper - BikeYoke Divine SL 9

A super light 80mm dropper post that can be cut to length to further reduce weight.

Well, let´s not beat about the bush too much:


After the success of the popular REVIVE there were lots of requests for a shorter travel, reliable and super light dropper post for the Marathon and XC side of our sport.

Problem: XC/Marathon is not exactly where we come from, so we did a lot of careful listening, discussing, designing, testing and tuning with people and companies, who know what they want and need. 

This includes Italian DMT Racing Team with UCI Mountainbike World Champion Tiago Ferreira, Hans Becking, Jose Dias and Ieva Veckute, who will be on the DIVINE SL for the 2019 racing season.

The result of extensive research and development is the DIVINE SL, the lightest 30.9/31.6 production dropper post we know of:

  • 400mm total length (cuttable to 285mm)
  • 80mm drop
  • 385g weight @ 30.9 full length
  • Can be cut to 285mm (cut weight: sub 350g)
  • Dedicated 2-by and under-bar trigger-style remote options
  • Internal cable routing
  • Oval and carbon rail compatibility
  • Available in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameter

Based on the experience with our patented REVIVE technology, we completely redesigned the internals and implemented them into a shell, that is designed for maximum weight reduction.

The mast is tapered  on the upper outside, right underneath the collar, as XC posts simply are not fully inserted into the frame. The mast's lower is tapered on the inside and can be cut off to save extra weight, in case you do not need the full length. This allows weight reduction to as low as 345 grams. 

DIVINE SL comes with one of two remotes specifically designed for DIVINE SL:

1. The by length adjustable (6mm) paddle on the new Triggy X allows - besides position tuning - for lighter or crispier remote. Triggy X is designed for 1-by drivetrains with left side, under-bar mounting. Triggy X can be mounted to the handlebar via standalone clamp or you can mate it with basically any major brake lever via matchmaking adapters for SRAM, Shimano, Magura, Formula and Hope.

2. The 2-by remote can be mounted on either side of the handlebar and is for the folks who are using 2-by or 3-by drivetrains. It is activated from the top down.

As with all our other BikeYoke droppers, we paid a lot of attention to reliability and serviceability. The DIVINE SL can be taken apart and serviced with basic tools and all service and spare parts will be available at a reasonable price for end consumers. It's a ten minute job to do basic service - no oil spill involved, as you don't need to open the hydraulic cartridge itself.

In case you change to a frame with another diameter but want to keep your post, just swap the lower tubes.

Speaking of diameters: Of course we know that a lot of XC Hardtails still use flexy 27.2mm posts, but as to date, we simply do not feel confident enough with marketing a reliable 27.2 post. If we are doing it, we're doing it right and so far, we haven't found a solution that we are happy with.

Customers from Northern Europe have actually sent us lots of e-mails, highly appreciating the REVIVE's low temperature functionality and we're sure they'd be just as happy with the DIVINE SL: Sub-zero temperatures may bother you, but not the post.

Pricing and availability

  • DIVINE SL can be ordered now from your local dealer or directly from
  • Pricing: $399 including remote 
  • Availability: Deliveries will start end of November 2018

All orders directly from will come with a free pair of funky pink or blue BikeYoke socks when placed before Christmas.

View key specs, compare products, and rate the Divine SL in the Vital MTB Product Guide.


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