Introducing Cachet Bicycles - High-End Hardtails from Canada 3

These elegant frames speak for themselves, and the brand has a team of talented riders to help continually push design ideas and ride quality forward.

Introducing Cachet Bicycles - High-End Hardtails from Canada

After two years of testing and market analysis, we are ready to introduce ourselves to the press and the public. Cachet Bikes owner and designer from North Bay, Ontario, Canada was simply wanting to create elegant high end frames that speak for themselves. You would have to agree our frames are riveting whether you're throwing a leg over the top tube or just casting a glance from a distance.

Our first frame that we have available for sale is the Henry III. This model is welded from custom-formed titanium and designed to get to the the top step of the FMB tour. At 4.2-pounds (which is usually the first question on everyone’s mind), it is one of the lightest dirt jump frames available. We could easily go lighter in weight but we chose to use a larger diameter custom formed tubing to give the frame the right feel and strength it needed. The model name comes from the fact that this is the third version of the original design.

"We design and build the type of bikes and parts that we dream about riding ourselves."
- Cachet Bicycles

We also have a second version of a titanium 4X frame available that includes a dropper seat post cable routing and is available in 26” and 27.5" wheel size called the Heat.

Our latest titanium frame is our street frame called the Dex. It’s designed around a rigid 430mm axle-to-crown fork with a 75° seat angle and 72.5° head angle. Also an ultra short 373mm chainstay with an incredible weight of only 3.6-pounds. We use larger 31.6mm diameter seat posts on our frames to aid in strength and stiffness which is a common problem in other titanium frames.

We honestly felt the current selection from other companies in regards to the DJ market was not well accustomed to offering all sizes and build options, so we wanted to provide this to our riders and customers. Why should a 5'3" rider have to fit the same DJ bike as a rider that is 6'3" tall? People would go crazy if they had to do that for road and XC bikes. Somehow it has become acceptable for DJ frames and slope bikes.

We have been questioned also about the extra cost to produce titanium frames for dirt jumping… why do it? Our answer is simply that some people are happy to go to work in a low-end compact vehicle while others enjoy driving a high-end European super car! What kind of rider are you?

We are currently working with a few of our favorite riders to test and develop frames bringing them to the next level:

First up is Jordie Lunn, who approached us. At first we really did not know if we were going to sponsor any riders. We had had some bad luck trying this before, but we were quickly blown away by Jordie's humble nature and honesty. He also liked the idea of us working together to produce his own pro model hardtail. So many times riders are putting their name on something that they really had no input designing. With the Jordie Lunn Signature Model he picked the geometry that suited him and finished off naming the frame. Although it may have taken longer than planned the end product is his from start to finish!

The second rider to come on board was Kirt Voreis. Kirt has competed at the top levels of the World Cup in downhill and dual slalom. He was “riding free" before there was freeriding.

The third rider on board is the Italian gentleman, Diego Caverzasi. The first custom frame that was built for him showed up at his door crushed from shipping. This did not stop the process. We moved on to build a second custom frame which showed up just before Crankworx Whistler. Sadly without enough time to properly prepare and adjust to the frame, we both decided it was safest for him to use his original frame that he had used all year.

We take great pride in the riders we have on our frames and feel they represent the brands attributes and egos very well.

Jordie Lunn
Kirt Voreis
Diego Caverzasi

In order to get to know the riders even better, we asked them some questions:

Why did you choose to work with Cachet Bicycles?

Jordie - “I chose to work with Cachet Bikes because the frames looked really rad, and it’s great to work with a fellow Canadian company."

Kirt - “Because Jordie Lunn rides one! It’s a beautiful bike with great handling geometry. I had to have one.”

Diego - “When Ryan offered me the opportunity to try out a titanium frame, I couldn’t say no. I like to try new things, changing my bike setup to find the better parts and material. With the Cachet frame I built the lightest bike I ever had and probably the lightest dirt jumper ever seen!”

How does it work for you and your other frame sponsors?

Jordie - “YT Industries has been really cool about me continuing to work with Cachet Bicycles and to continue to develop my own signature ‘XX' frame. I have the best of both brands.”

Kirt  -  “It works great! Niner doesn’t make a 26-inch bike so I can ride whatever jumper I want.”

Diego - “Right now Cachet is my only bike sponsor so it just needs to match me.”

What are the upcoming plans?

Jordie - “Rough A.F. 3 is nearly finished and I have a personal signature frame being released soon, and of course being invited to Red Bull Rampage is my current goal.”

Kirt  -  “Making more edits, a trip to ride different bike parks in Europe, Crankworx events and just keep shredding.”

Diego - “I will still compete in the SWC next year, trying to be more consistent and achieving better results."

Newly added to the Cachet family is Griffin Paulson. He is from Prince George, BC. This 24-year-old is known for his smooth, effortless slopestyle moves on the FMB World Tour.

As for sales, it is a consumer-direct sales distribution method. Along with ourselves in Canada, we have our first direct-sales distributor in Japan is getting set up. So for every country or area, we will have a distributor that will work directly with customers closely. This will assist with ease of ordering, local taxes/duties, and of course help support the product as well as the customer quickly at a reasonable price. 

We would like to take the time to thank our riders, family, and of course our customers that have been so amazing during our startup. 

Everyone can look forward to new size options, new colors, and new models in 2019, including the aluminum Jordie Lunn ‘XX' signature model and the Diego Caverzasi ‘Zoo' model.

Visit or follow @cachetbikes for more details.

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