Intense becomes one of the first boutique mountain bike brands to move from exclusively dealer-only sales to offering direct online purchase options via their website. Prices of the complete bikes have dropped considerably with Intense Pro builds, for example, lowering from $6,999 down to $4,999 in the U.S. The twist with the Intense Rider-Direct program is that Intense dealers can still be involved in the sales process.

Vital spoke with Jeff Steber, founder of Intense, for The Inside Line podcast and we discussed details about the brand moving to this new sales model. You can listen to the specific portion of the interview that involves the Intense Rider-Direct program at the 55-minute mark in the broadcast.


Intense Cycles Goes Direct, Reduces Bike Prices 8

Today, Intense introduces their new global hybrid sales model which includes online purchasing of complete Intense bikes - Intense Rider-Direct.

Intense Cycles Goes Direct, Reduces Bike Prices

December 4, 2017 – Temecula, CA: Today, Intense Cycles introduces a new global hybrid sales model: Intense Rider-Direct, with the goal of offering more buying flexibility, improved service options and aggressive new pricing worldwide.

In the US, the brand will continue to work together with IBD’s (independent bicycle dealers, aka: local bike shops). Both the IBD and the Intense website will offer the same bikes for the same, new low price.

This allows riders the flexibility to buy the same world-class bikes Intense is known for directly from the manufacturer and have the bike shipped straight to their home.


At the same time, Intense Rider Direct makes it possible for bike shops to vastly decrease their financial investment in flooring bikes, while still being able to offer a high-end boutique brand, and stay involved in the commerce chain.

Intense currently works with a collection of exceptional retailers in their home country and is committed to continuing to grow its presence in American IBDs. All bikes sold in the US come with a free, limited service plan, also through the IBD. 

The international markets will be handled a bit differently. Intense has established over a dozen service centers and warehouses across the globe, meaning that, in most cases, bikes will ship directly to the rider from a local warehouse, allowing the price to be inclusive of all local duty and tax.  

This also gives Intense the ability to provide faster, more effective customer service in most rider’s “home” language and time zone.

Each complete Intense comes with a tool kit and instruction manual for servicing needs.

Regardless of where new Intense bikes are purchased, they all come with a custom Intense-branded accessory box that includes all your paperwork, product manuals, and all the specialty tools required to do final assembly on your new bike.

In addition, our new website has been completely redesigned and is loaded with all the information you need to choose the right bike for you, get technical support, find answers to your questions, and learn more about our company’s rich heritage.


“Our bikes are the best they’ve ever been.” says Founder/Designer, Jeff Steber. “But the price tags were keeping them out of reach for a large majority of riders. Intense Rider-Direct brings prices down and improves service all over the world.”

Sample Prices on Bikes in the U.S. (not including tax)

  • Intense Primer Foundation Bike - Was $3,999, Now $2,999
  • Intense Primer Factory Bike - Was $10,399, Now $7,999
  • Intense Tracer Foundation Bike - Was $4,599, Now $3,299
  • Intense Tracer Pro Bike - Was $6,999, Now $4,999
  • Intense Carbine Factory Bike - Was $10,399, Now $7,999
  • Intense Carbine Foundation Bike - Was $3,999, Now $3,299

For more information on Intense Rider Direct, and new pricing, please visit:

USA only: For information on joining the Intense Rider Direct IBD network, please contact: or call: 951-296-9596

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  • maximumradness

    12/9/2017 10:26 AM

    we are witnessing a very interesting and (in jeff's own words here) "Disruptive" time ion the off road cycling industry. its gonna be really weird for a minute....

  • jclimb1

    12/9/2017 7:41 AM

    Maybe they'll finally sell some bikes now. I wonder if their customer service is going to actually improve now?

  • Angu58

    12/4/2017 11:19 AM

    The cheaper pricing is great, but I still don’t understand the components on most of the bikes. If you get x01 eagle, you get float x2 performance, which is terrible. To get x2 factory, you need to buy the build kit with xx1, which most can’t afford or don’t want because of durability isssues. They make great bikes, but they need to rethink the specs.

  • gfw

    12/4/2017 2:41 PM

    In what way is the Float X2 performance terrible? It's the same shock (AFAIK) as the Factory but without Kashima coating, which is just for the bling factor.

    I'm gonna say you're wrong here.

  • Angu58

    12/4/2017 3:10 PM

    For fox, they have 3 tiers of components:performance; which has lower end dampers and are cheaper. Then you have performance elite, which had the same damper as most factory tier products. Then you have factory, which is top end. The thing with the float x2 performance is that it has no adjustability compared to other shock. It has something like 8 clicks of rebound compared to the factory 29 clicks of rebound. It also has different calving, and the oil has a different compression ration. I have a giant reign advanced 1 with it, and it felt terrible. I upgraded to the factory model, and it feels great. And by the way, for some reason they dont offer it in perf elite.

    No hard feelings?

  • jclimb1

    12/9/2017 7:40 AM

    "I'm gonna say you're wrong here."

    gfw is the one who is wrong. Performance and performance elite are two different things.

  • SamuRy

    12/4/2017 9:18 AM

    Seems like its back to being a boutique brand for Intense. Hard to compete with off-shore building pricing. Besides, why buy a brand new Intense for 30% more when you can get it 50% at the end of the year at Universalcycles?

  • Big Bird

    12/4/2017 7:52 AM

    I wonder how this will affect my duties at Art's cycles. I guess not too terribly much given that I mostly build leftover '16 Intenses, like three or four a day, and hardly any current models.

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