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Hope Introduces 155-mm Version of EVO Crank 2

Initially driven by e-bike requirements, the 155-mm crank length may be beneficial to other types of bikes as well.

We started making shorter cranks for E-bikes a few years ago, initially driven to increase clearance when pedaling through technical features, after using these and getting feedback from customers it was clear there are more advantages to using a shorter crank. Over the last year we have experimented with shorter cranks on all bikes, both ourselves and with athletes competing at the highest level, including several World Cup DH riders. After testing lengths down to 140mm we think we’ve found the sweet spot and are now making a 155mm version of our EVO crank available for sale, you have to try them! 

"The main benefit for gravity orientated riding is it allows you to get a more neutral body position on the bike allowing your hips to rotate to be more forward facing, increasing stability and having greater control of the bike."  

Key Advantages

  • Body weight remains more centred on the bike increasing stability and making it easier to shift your body weight around.
  • Quicker to 'spin up' which can help when transitioning from descending to sudden steep uphill features.
  • More ground clearance for reduced pedal strikes
  • Lighter and stiffer due to shorter length
  • Other specs remain the same as our other EVO cranks in the range, all machined from 7150 aluminium with 30mm axles.
  • Range of axle length options available to accommodate most bikes from XC, DH and Fat bikes, including SuperBoost. 

*Shorter cranks will affect your final drive ratios. We recommend dropping your chainring size by 2 teeth for a 10mm reduction in crank length. 

Availability and Pricing

In stock at dealers now.

Prices (MSRP):

Inc. Axle and Spider        £290.00 // €360.00 // $365.00 (ex tax)
No Spider                        £255.00 // €320.00 // $320.00 (ex tax)

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