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No longer pushing the limits, we are creating new ones.

Gulo Composites is ready to equip your bike with innovative composites technology and thoughtful wheel design, providing you with the most advanced wheel system today.



The bicycle wheel is a simple, yet a fantastically complicated system. Wheels have progressed slowly through the years, but there remain glaring deficiencies. Stress risers, tension imbalance, and vulnerability to impacts are issues that other wheel companies have struggled to mitigate. The Gulo wheel system has been optimized to address these challenges head on.

Each Gulo ETI (Easy Thread Interface) hub is designed for a specific rim profile. Spoke holes are drilled at exacting angles so the spokes leave the hub destined for their holes at the rim.

Each Gulo rim is designed with a very specific drilling arrangement. There are 4 different drilling angles on each rim, each combining 2 axes. The spokes enter the rim with at their natural angle from the hub.

A wheel’s most integral and industrious component is the spoke; the link that ties it together and brings the wheel to life. At the heart of the Gulo wheel system lies the incredibly strong and durable Gulo composite spoke. The design intent of the Gulo wheel system was motivated by this unique composite spoke, which propelled the rest of the wheel into an optimized and balanced performance package.

The Gulo G1 composite spoke is at the heart of our GIS (Gulo Integrated System).

Developed, engineered, and tested with impact resistance and fatigue life at the forefront, the Gulo composite spoke is truly revolutionary.  Exceptional weight, durability, and stiffness have never been synergized in such an application, until now.

Gulo Spoke Test on Vital MTB

The G1 spoke can take multiple impacts from a 7lb hammer at 18" drop height. The steel spoke died after one strike at 10"

The Gulo composite spoke body is designed engineered and manufactured all under one roof in Brevard, North Carolina, USA. Our triaxial braiding technologies allows our team of engineers to adjust braid orientation and introduce multiple types of fibers for a hybrid composite structure. After years of development with the composite spoke body itself, we have created a structure with many times the impact resistance of any steel spoke on the market today, all the while maintaining featherweight status. The finished spoke assembly consists of aerospace grade aluminum alloys, adhesives, graphene, and composite resin systems, all of which have been engineered from the ground up with weight, strength, fatigue resistance, and UV protection in mind.

Our lightweight hubs have been optimized and specifically matched to each rim profile to ensure proper angular alignment from the hub to the spoke hole at the rim. This means the spoke enters the rim at its natural angle, not where it is forced to. Our rims are designed effectively with matched drilling to accept the spokes at the proper angles. This means very specific rim hole drilling angles were chosen to alleviate stress risers and ease the build process. All of this comes together to create an extremely lightweight, durable, and reliable composite wheel system.


Gulo Composites offers three different mountain bike wheel systems for all riders and all terrain.



Podium puncher

The cross-country race-day GMX-25 wheel system is all about speed and top-tier performance. With sharp acceleration and handling at its core, the GMX-25 is the lightest and fastest mountain bike wheel in the lineup. The combination of our composite spoke-and-hub system and highest quality matched rim has yielded our race-spec XC wheel. Possibly the lightest and stiffest mountain bike wheel ever produced.  Designed to devour the competition.

  • Gulo Premium Carbon Rims: 25mm internal width hookless, asymmetric offset, 24-hole
  • Gulo ETI System Hubs: Boost (110/148), 6-bolt, 6.66° engagement, XD or Shimano Microspline
  • Gulo Spokes: Made-in-USA, 2.9grams/spoke, superior impact resistance
  • 100kg weight limit
  • 1290 grams





Down Country

You gotta get up to get down. The GMD-27 is the perfect all-around trail weapon. With XC bones and a trail riding heart, it is a rolling contradiction between super light and super strong, evolved to inspire confidence in all situations. This wheel system combines all the attributes of our superlight race-oriented GMX-25 wheel with the burly nature of our GME-30 enduro. With the same 3mm thick beads as our enduro rim and a slightly shallower rim profile and adjusted rim layup, this wheel can compete on the climbs and rip the descents without compromise. 

Utilizing our top-tier manufacturing process and advanced resin mixture for a rim that comes out of the mold in a glossy finished state, combined with our G1 spoke and hub system that keeps everything laced light and tight. Dial your ride.

  • Gulo Premium Carbon Rims: 27mm internal width hookless, asymmetric offset, 24-hole
  • Gulo ETI System Hubs: Boost (110/148), 6-bolt, 6.66° engagement, XD or Shimano Microspline
  • Gulo Spokes: Made-in-USA, 2.9grams/spoke, superior impact resistance
  • 1380 grams




The grin-duro

We created the GME-30 wheel system to have the perfect balance of strength, stiffness, and compliance, yet tuned enough to feel racy when you get on the throttle. With a generous 30mm internal width rim with engineered compliance, this enduro-ready wheelset is all about getting the most out of your trail experience. The GME-30 rim utilizes our top-tier manufacturing process and comes straight out of the mold in a beautiful finished state. This contributes to excellent wear and scratch resistance because there is no need for post-sanding or top-coat. Combine these features with our G1 spoke and you have a beautifully stiff and efficient wheel system that is still compliant enough tackle those rock gardens, root sections and g-outs with confidence.

  • Gulo Premium Carbon Rims: 30mm internal width hookless, asymmetric offset, 24-hole
  • Gulo ETI System Hubs: Boost (110/148), 6-bolt, 6.66° engagement, XD or Shimano Microspline
  • Gulo Spokes: Made-in-USA, 2.9grams/spoke, superior impact resistance
  • 1460 grams


Gulo Composites also offers an incredible lineup of Road, Gravel, and Cyclocross wheel systems.

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