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e*thirteen is a small rider-owned company dedicated to improving the riding experience for anyone on a bike. The common thread among all of us at e*thirteen is our passion for riding and creating great products that solve problems.

We are proud of our team and the work we do, so we invite you to get to know us through a series of videos from each place e*thirteen calls home. Taiwan, Bavaria, California and British Columbia.

North America - Sales and Customer Service

"We remain dedicated to each cycling community on the West Coast that we're lucky enough to be a part of. We love riding in all kinds of dirt from California's Central Coast all the way up to BC. Supporting our patrons in these places and keeping them riding and happy on their bikes is our passion and priority." - Connor Bondlow, Marketing and Design


Germany, Bavaria - European Sales and Customer Service

“The European Office of e*thirteen is based in Traunstein, Germany. We are proud of being part of e*thirteen since 2012.

We all ride our bikes frequently (and break stuff from time to time), so we understand how painful the time off the bike can be. This said we do what we can to get any e*thirteen rider - no matter if World Cup Racer or Weekend Warrior -  back onto their bikes as straightforward as possible, without the need to overcome unnecessary obstacles." - Dennis Mankel, Head of European Sales 


Taiwan, Taichung - Manufacturing Engineering 

“The team in Taiwan is fundamental for e*thirteen. Starting from manufacturing engineering all the way to managing supply relationships, our Taiwan squad works behind the scenes to get more people on bikes and keep them riding. Since the Taichung office is just a five minute pedal from the burgeoning local trails, you'll often find them out for lunch or post-work rides. It's not just ‘Made in Taiwan’, it's Ridden in Taiwan.” - Joel Peters, CEO


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The Latest