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  • Noun: A revolution
  • Verb: To accelerate rapidly

Here at Guerrilla Gravity, we dream big. Driven by our mission to “make mountain biking more awesome,” we’re always looking for better ways to do things. We've always stood true to our values of efficiently building tough, easy to work on, and fun to ride bikes. Our testing and personal ride preferences lent themselves to the qualities of steel and aluminum while keeping our eye on material advancements being adopted by the bike industry, notably carbon fiber.

While incremental advancements were made, carbon fiber still had many pitfalls like cost, durability, and environmental impact. So we got to thinking… how can we design and manufacture a mountain bike that blends the best qualities of aluminum and steel with the best qualities of carbon? 

The requirements

This question led us on an arduous three-year journey, guided by three key requirements:

  1. Tough. After all, what good is a bike you’re afraid to shred on?
  2. Efficient. This sport is expensive enough as it is, and we don’t want to contribute to pricing riders out of badass bikes. 
  3. Made in America. Because it matters. 

These efforts culminated in the development of our proprietary Revved™ Carbon Technology. Revved combines the next generation of frame material and our new, patent-pending manufacturing process that is all made right here in the USA, exclusively by Guerrilla Gravity. Revved Carbon Technology builds a frame that is 300% more impact resistant than leading carbon fiber. It also allows us to use powder coated finishes which are more durable and environmentally friendly compared to wet-painting traditional carbon frames. 

Not only is it tougher but it’s also more efficient to manufacture, using automated fiber placement to reduce layup time by 80%. After the initial layup, a new piece of machinery we’ve dubbed the Frame Maker 3000 completes its fusing process 80% faster than traditional curing cycles, with 90% less sanding and finishing work required. 

One bike will rule them all, available in any starting configuration you want!

So now we’ve thrown out all the old-school ways to manufacture mountain bikes, why continue building and selling bikes the same way as everyone else? What if, instead of buying a whole new bike, you could swap a few components to change your suspension travel, wheel size, and geometry? This idea is the foundation of the Modular Frame Platform. 

With the Modular Frame Platform, riders are able to convert their bike to another model on the platform simply by swapping a few components around. Seatstay Tuning Kits are used to define each particular model and are paired with the properly sized shock for the correct setup.

The design inspiration behind the Modular Frame Platform comes from our engineers’ background in racecar design. Race teams typically have one primary vehicle equipped with a toolbox full of tuning options that allows them to optimize the the ride height, frame geometry, and leverage ratios in order to set the fastest lap times on any given track. This type of adjustment initially inspired our binary Plush / Crush and Trail / Gravity modes, but now we've taken the level of tune-ability to the next level thanks to the new Modular Frame Platform. 

The Foundation: A Unified Front Triangle with GeoAdjust Headset

The first key feature to the Modular Frame Platform is a unified front triangle with its GeoAdjust Headset. With the GeoAdjust Headset you can quickly and easily adjust the reach and wheelbase of your frame by 10 mm. This allows you to dial in your frame’s fit based on your unique dimensions, as well optimizing the handling for your local terrain. For example, riders may use the shorter setting for the average trail ride, while using the long setting as a “turbo button” when heading to the bike park.  

One platform, four models: Seatstay Tuning Kits

The second key feature are the Seatstay Tuning Kits, allowing the unified front triangle to be paired with unique, model-specific seatstay kits to “tune” your bike for varying ride styles and terrain. Swapping seatstays and requisite components is designed to take a competent home mechanic less than an hour, so you can quickly prepare for a day in the bike park or weekend bikepacking trip. 

Installing the Seatstay Tuning Kits requires only 5 and 6 mm hex wrenches, but be sure to bring your three-way out just in case you’re removing the stem and fork. It’s as simple as removing the shock, rear axle, and the two pairs of bolts connecting the seatstays to the swingarm and rocker link. Reverse these steps and you’re ready to rock! 

Make mountain biking more awesome, not more expensive!

So now you’ve read about all of the guts inside our 2019 lineup, what about the bikes? Well Guerrilla Gravity has been at the forefront of the long-low-slack craze since about 1776. We kid but the first-generation Megatrail had an unheard-of-on-a-trail bike 65.5 degree headtube angle paired with a 451 mm reach when it debuted in 2015. Our made for goin’ fast bikes have used long-reach progressive geometry for years, so, in an unheard of move, we’ve kept the fit and ride changes relatively conservative (for a bunch of punks). 

Based on rider feedback and backed up by our own testing, our 2019 models sport a 1 degree slacker headtube angle and roughly 1 degree steeper seattube angle. The short-travel Trail Pistol and Shred Dogg chainstays were shortened to keep the ride lively and maximize the smiles per mile. And in keeping with our mantra of “I like goin’ fast”, The Smash and Megatrail have longer chainstays for balance when you’re setting gravity-assisted speed records. 

The efficiency improvements enabled by the Frame Maker 3000 and Revved Carbon Technology have allowed us to bring a made-in-America carbon fiber frame to the world starting at $2195, with complete bikes starting at $3695. The default component spec on all of our builds is race-ready out of the gates with Colorado-proven hardware. Don’t like the default spec? Our online builders allow you to customize your bike with your choice of suspension, drivetrain, brakes, wheels, and even tires so you can spend more time riding and less time worrying about upgrades. 

2019 Guerrilla Gravity Revved frames are ready to order today with a 4-6 week expected lead time. Order yours today at

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