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Fresh Bottom Bracket and Brakes from Cane Creek, the Perfect Combination for Riders' eeWings Cranks 0

The everlasting bottom bracket and purple rim brakes, Cane Creek is giving the people what they want.

Cane Creek Cycling Components is announcing the release of their all-new Hellbender bottom bracket. The Hellbender BB is machined from 6061–T6 aluminum with a two-stage anodized black and gold finish and is available in BSA threaded, PF41, PF30, and BB30 variations. The defining feature of the Hellbender bottom bracket is Cane Creek’s all-new Hellbender Neo bearing. The bearings incorporate Swedish manufacturer SKF’s patented MTRX technology – an oil-filled, solid polymer matrix that completely fills the free space in the bearing. During use, oil is released from micro-pores in the polymer, continuously lubricating the bearings.

The solid oil matrix has the effect of eliminating any empty space inside the bearing – preventing dirt, mud, and water from entering and causing wear and damage. This allows the bottom bracket to be ridden in the most extreme conditions without the need to regularly service or lubricate the bearings. The Hellbender Neo is so robust that it will even stand up to regular pressure washing.

“With the overwhelming popularity of the eeWings crankset, we’ve gotten more and more requests for a bottom bracket that complements the quality and durability of the crank,” said Sam Anderson, product manager for Cane Creek. “When we discovered the MTRX bearing technology from SKF, we realized that we had found the technology needed to create a bottom bracket that would provide the strength and durability that our eeWings cranks have become known for. ”

The Cane Creek Hellbender bottom bracket will retail for between $120 and $150 depending on the variant and will be available in October wherever Cane Creek products are sold.

For more information visit Cane Creek.


  • Cups/Shell Material – 6061 Aluminum T6
  • Finish – Two-Stage Anodize for multi-color Gold and Black Combination
  • Bearings – Premium Hellbender Neo bearings with solid oil technology
  • Variations – BSA Threaded, PF41, PF30, BB30
  • Spindle Diameter – 30mm

All-New eeBrake El Real Edition

Cane Creek Cycling Components is also launching the eeBrake El Real Edition, a new, limited edition of their critically acclaimed eeBrake, in a purple and black colorway. eeBrakes are an ultra-light, high performance, rim brake developed by acclaimed component designer Craig Edwards and are assembled by hand in Cane Creek’s facility just outside of Asheville, North Carolina.

The El Real Edition marks the sixth limited edition of the brake that Cane Creek has released since taking over marketing, manufacturing, and distribution of eeBrakes in fall 2016.

“Every limited edition eeBrake that we’ve done has been more popular than the last,” said Sam Anderson, product manager for Cane Creek. “The support and demand for these editions – and the continued popularity of eeBrakes overall – reminds us that there are still a lot of riders out there that love their rim-brake bikes and want to add a special touch – both in terms of looks and performance.”
The eeBrake El Real Edition is available in a regular mount and direct mount versions and all orders must be placed by September 18, 2019, with expected delivery in November 2019.

For more information visit Cane Creek.


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