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FOX Factory Launches Community Investment Program Trail Trust With $500,000 Initial Donations

The nonprofit aims to protect shared outdoor spaces while also diversifying the population of participants in cycling by removing physical or social barriers to access.

Duluth, Georgia (November 30, 2021) — FOX Factory, maker of premium performance products that are an integral part of outdoor adventuring, embarks on a new journey today with the launch of its signature community investment program, Trail Trust.

Together with nonprofit partners worldwide, Trail Trust aims to deliver sustainable adventure to everyone. This means promoting the conscientious use of land amongst outdoor enthusiasts and protecting our shared playgrounds. It also requires expanding opportunities within the outdoor sporting industry, diversifying the populations that participate in cycling and power sports — because everyone deserves the thrill of adventure.   

“Trail Trust represents FOX Factory’s commitment to the future and plays a pivotal role in activating the Planet Pillar of our FOX Factory Frontiers sustainability strategy. This is the beginning of our pursuit of a future where people and planet come first, and where adventure is never done,” said Jackie Martin, FOX Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer. “We’re in a unique position to do more to positively impact the environments where we live, work and play — both from a responsible and safe land use perspective as well as connecting people of all backgrounds and abilities to the outdoors.”  

As part of this launch, FOX has already awarded approximately $500,000 in Trail Trust funding to over 20 outdoor organizations including Grow Cycling Foundation, Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship, and Tread Lightly! to name a few. You can see the full partnership listing at

“Being a part of Trail Trust means removing physical and social barriers to allow more access for more people,” said Eric Gray, founder and executive director of Catalyst Sports. “With Fox’s support, we have been able to provide hundreds of individuals with disabilities the first-time experience of accessing trails and nature like never before.” 

How to Apply  

Trail Trust program information, eligibility criteria, and the application form can be found at Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are evaluated quarterly by the Trail Trust review committee. Trail Trust is one of many initiatives aligned with FOX Factory’s new environmental, social and governance program. For more information on its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) roadmap, go here


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