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Seat Angle Got You Down? Never Fear, DROP BEST is Here (for Reverb)

Are you stuck in the middle with your Reverb post offset?

Well FAIR bicycle has a solution for those seeking additional seat mount adjustability! The DROP BEST seat clamp offers a 27mm negative or positive offset with 2-degrees of seat angle adjustment for riders using a Rockshox Reverb dropper post. 

DROP BEST mounted for negative offset
DROP BEST mounted for positive offset

DROP BEST Features 

  • Precision machined in Switzerland
  • Compatible with Rockshox Reverb dropper post only
  • High strength 7075 aluminum. 12.9 & 10.9 grade, US made fasteners
  • Tested to ISO MTB standards 
  • 27mm positive or negative offset
  • 2-degree seat angle adjustment
  • Independent angle and saddle position adjustment makes installation a breeze
  • Weight: 125-grams (Stock Reverb hardware weighs 74-grams)
  • MSRP $118 USD


Dropper posts are hands down one of the best innovation to happen in mountain biking. However, they do offer limited adjustability on a horizontal plane. With such a variety of seat angles present nowadays, FAIR bicycle figured riders would benefit from experimenting with their seating position. Some might want to explore crazy steep angles while others might want to back off the new school geometry of their bike just a tad. In many situations, the option to adjust the negative or positive offset of a Reverb dropper post could provide that marginal gain in efficiency or comfortability. As with all FAIR bicycle products, the BEST DROP and its packaging are manufactured only in countries with high environmental standards and quality work environments are enforced for employees. It is also a fully circular product, meaning that all materials can continuously be recycled at their end of life. Including packaging.  

In case you were curious what different seat angle measurements are really referring to, FAIR bicycle has provided a simple explanation of each to reference when deciding if an offset mount is right for you. 

Actually Seat Angle


Definition: The angle at which the seat post sits in the bike. 

Usability: Makes sense on bikes where the seat tube is collinear with the line from center of saddle to center of bottom bracket. Used to be the case with almost all old hardtail bikes, but today actual seat angle does not give precise information for a riders seating position.

Virtual Seat Angle


Definition: Sometimes called effective seat angle, this is the intersecting point of the horizontal line from the top of the head tube and the actual seat angle line from the center of the bottom bracket. 

Usability: Useless other than to market bikes with super slack seat angles due to bad suspension layout / tire clearance design.

Virtual Seat Angle At Seat Height


Definition: The angle measured from the top and center of the saddle to the center of the bottom bracket at the riders real saddle height.

USABILITY: The reference when shopping for a new bike or when tinkering about adjustments.


About FAIR bicycle 

At FAIR bicycle we believe anyone working should make a living from doing so. We only source and make our products in countries where fair wages and good worker rights exist and are enforced by the authorities. We publish as much proof of this as we can because talking is silver, proving is gold. 

Circular Economy 

Circular economy means that at the end of life of a product, all materials used in a product can be reintroduced into a circle. Either into a 100% recycling (not downcycling) material circle, or into a natural material circle where materials biologically decompose and can regrow into a new product. For both circles the products have to be made from mono-materials or able to be disassembled into mono-material parts. At FAIR bicycle we believe circular is the only way to the future. Therefore we do circular economy, almost down to the tiniest detail, like grease. From the products themselves to the packaging.  

For more information on FAIR bicycle and the DROP BEST, please visit

View key specs and rate the DROP BEST in the Vital MTB Product Guide.

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