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It's time! We can now officially announce the race course for the 2013 Superenduro powerered by SRAM in Finale Ligure!


The course will be about 60km long, with 2,300m of climbing and descending for riders to tackle. All the trails have been cleaned and renovated by Blue Bike, especially for this race. For the first time at the Finale Ligure Superenduro, the race will link together the four territorites of Finalborgo, Borgio Verezzi, Varigotti and Noli. In the four zones, riders will tackle every type of terrain, from the fast, flowing woodland trails to the rocky, technical coastal paths.


On Saturday we start with a Finale classic, the famous Dolmen trail, that has been the first trail of this race since 2008. At 1.8km long, it is the perfect introduction to the race weekend.


Riders will then transfer about 10km, through Finalborgo and up towards Borgo Verezzi for stage two. The trail, "Caprazoppa" is a new addition to the race here in Finale, a 2.4km long trail that was first opened in 1997 for the Blue Bike Cup XC race. Don't be fooled by the history though, it starts off gently, followed by a tough, physical section and then into a steep, intense descent.


After stage two riders must return to the CO for a time check.

Riders will get a short rest, then back out and up 10.5km to Le Manie for the stage, "San Michele" which will also be the Red Bull Time Rush. The trail is 1.9km long and drops riders down into Noli. Teh first part is loose and fast, while the second part is a series of steep switchbacks overlooking the sea.



Next there is a 5km transfer up to Le Manie for the last two stages of the day, a lengthened version of "la DH Donne". It is 3.8km long and starts in Bric Corvi and finishes in Varigotti, with stunning views of the Ligurian Sea to finish the day.


Sunday starts with a 14km road transfer to a another new trail for this year: "Cacciatore vs. Guardia."This is the longest stage of the weekend (4.1km) and the most varied, passing through Chestnut forest, Mediterranean scrub and into unforgiving limestone outcrops.


To finish the race off there is then a 6km transfer and for the final stage riders will repeat "Caprazoppa." After this trail we will know who is the winner of the 2013 Superenduro circuit, Manuel Ducci or Davide Sottocornola...

[Curious how all this plays out in real life? Check out the action from the 2012 edition below!]

We remind everyone that the Promo category riders will do only stage 1 and 2 the first day and only stage 1 the second day.

During practice riders are allowed to shuttle with private vans or any other transportation means on the road open to public traffic, unless otherwise marked. All vehicles must follow the Italian traffic rules and signs in place. Dirt roads will be closed to traffic.


For all the spectators there will be several points where fans can watch the action:

PS2/6: If you park in Finalborgo, you can reach the final part of the course with a short walk.
PS3: Riders will arrive in the piazza in Noli.
PS4: If you park in Varigotti you can reach the trail end by foot.
PS5: This is easily reachable from Madonna della Guardia where refreshments will be available too. Or the end of the trail is only a short walk from the road.


NB. The programme may be subject to change at the race director's discretion.

Thursday, 17/10/13
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Finale Ligure
8:00 Practice starts
12:00 to 15:30 Media accreditation opens
14:00 to 23:00 Pit setup for teams

Friday, 18/10/13
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Finale Ligure
8:00 Practice starts
8:00 Press room opens
9:00 to 12:00 Pit setup for teams
13:00 Race office and rider registration opens
18.00 Race office and rider registration closes
18:30 Riders briefing
19:00 Media apertif
22:00 Press room closes

Saturday, 19/10/13
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Finale Ligure
7:00 Race office and rider registration opens
8:00 Race office and rider registration closes
8:30 First rider sets off
16:00 Pasta party

Sunday, 20/10/13
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Finale Ligure
8:30 First rider sets off
13:30 Pasta party
17:00 Podiums
18:00 End of season party


Superenduro is a new format for mountain biking competitions, based on the discipline commonly referred to as Enduro or all-mountain riding. The main goal of the Superenduro philosophy is to create a universal racing format, accessible by every mountain biker without the need to purchase any special equipment other than the bike he/she uses every weekend, which at the same time is challenging enough even for professionals, which awards the most well-rounded riders who posses the skills to ride fast in the Special Stages and to cover the Transfer Stages efficiently and within the imposed time limits.

Superenduro racers ride along the course in a sorted group of friends, thus being able to replicate the friendly environment of an everyday ride while sharing the competitive spirit of the event. The sensations of a Superenduro race are not the stress and tension usually associated with competitions but more similar to the good feeling everyone enjoys after a day of riding on beautiful trails, in an amazing landscape, with his or her friends..


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