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Eminent Cycles Announce 2019 Enduro Team 1

Developing young, up and coming enduro riders by providing them with top-notch equipment and support.

Eminent Cycles Announce 2019 Enduro Team

Eminent Cycles is proud to announce our 2019 Enduro Race Team. The team will compete Regionally and Nationally at Enduro events throughout the coming year. The goal is to help develop young, up and coming enduro riders by providing them with top-notch equipment and support during their training and at the races. Team Riders include Jakob Snow, Emitt Hansen and Xylena Hoppen. Scott Lillis will serve as Rider/Team Manager.

The year definitely started off on a high note at the first stop of the SoCal Enduro Series. Jakob Snow won the highly competitive Junior Expert class followed closely by his teammate Emitt Hansen. 

Jakob and Emitt on the top steps of the podium.

The Team will race the Eminent Haste Enduro and will be supported by the following companies:

  • DVO Suspension
  • Magura Brakes
  • Box Drivetrain
  • Kenda Tires
  • Sun Ringle Wheels
  • ProTaper Bars and Stems
  • WTB saddles
  • Lizard Skins Grips
  • KS seat posts
  • Maxima Lubricants and supplies
  • GUP tire sealant
  • Fiveten Shoes
  • Troy Lee Designs helmets, apparel, and protection
  • MRP Chainguides
  • Absolute Black Chainrings

Along with the fully supported factory effort, Eminent is also looking for individuals to join the Rider Development portion of the team. This program is open to racers of all ages and ability levels. They will be able to purchase a replica of the team bike at a special price and receive an Eminent Team Jersey and other schwag. At any event that Eminent Cycles attends, the rider development athletes can pit under the Eminent tent and receive mechanical support from the staff. Futures members of the Eminent Factory Team will come from the rider support program.

Please contact us for more information:

2019 Team Rider Bios

Jakob Snow, Age 16

Jakob Snow

  • Home trails: Pretty much all the SoCal spots 
  • Favorite people to ride with: Travis and Max
  • Gnar or flow: I live for the gnar
  • Climb or descend: Descending for sure, we race downhill not up hahah
  • Tacos or wings: Tacos are life for this beach boy.
  • Slalom or e-bikes: E-bikes even tho I’ve only ridden them once 
  • 90s hip hop or 2000s rap: 90s hip hop hands down 
  • Gwin or ratboy: I like them both, ratboy definitely got some steez tho 
  • Bucket list trail or race:  I would have to say the EWS finale race, it looks like a fun one
  • Thinking or not thinking: Never think always full send
  • Why do you ride: I ride because I love the sport and I love to the community. The sport pushes me to be focused and more disciplined in my everyday life. It helps me be the healthiest and happiest I can be. Sure you I may get hurt but that’s a small risk compared to how much fun you have out riding with the boys.

Emitt Hansen, Age 14 

Emitt Hansen

  • Local trail: La Costa, Double Peak, Elfin Forest 
  • Gnar or flow: Flow because there aren’t many flowy trails by my house
  • Climb or descend: Descend
  • Tacos or wings: Tacos 
  • Slalom or e-bike: E-bike
  • 90s hip hop or 2000s rap: 90’s rap
  • Gwin or ratboy: Gwin
  • Bucket list trail or race: Whistler
  • Thinking or not thinking: Not thinking
  • Why do you ride: I ride because it is a blast and it is not like other sports such as baseball or football that you usually stop playing after high school. With mountain biking, you can ride for the majority of your life which is awesome. 

Xylena Hoppen, Age 20

Xylena Hoppen

  • Home trails: Laguna / The Luge
  • Favorite people to ride with: All the homies! People who are chill climbers, who want to go on an adventure, and want to get rowdy on the downhill. 
  • Gnar or flow: I love both! But if I had to choose between them I’d say gnar. The steeps are what I live for! 
  • Climb or descend: Descending for sure, I only climb for the descents haha. 
  • Tacos or wings: Tacooooosss for the win! 
  • Slalom or e-bikes: Slalom bike, it would be sick to have one to do jumps and jibs. 
  • 90s hip hop or 2000s rap: I’d say 90’s Hip Hop, it's honestly the greatest hip hop decade. 
  • Gwin or ratboy: Ratboyyy, I love how he is such a laidback guy who shreds like no other. He knows the balance of having fun and once starting a race putting his game face on. 
  • Bucket list trail or race: Hmm honestly my bucket list race would be any races of the Crankworx series. I think its so rad there is such an event which holds such a huge variety of bike events. Everything from Dh, Dual Slalom, Pumptrack Challenge, Air DH, Enduro, and even cross-country.
  • Thinking or not thinking: Hmm I’d say not thinking. Having a clear mind at the starting line is best. It helps me be one with my bike, really focus on giving my all on the trail ahead of me. 
  • Why do you ride: I ride because it gets me out of day to day basis of stress from work and school. Its a stress reliever, its getting away from the city and being one with nature. Not a lot of people get to appreciate nature and how beautiful it is, mountain biking is one of the rare sports that lets athletes do that. Also, the community that mountain biking brings is like no other. You create life long memories and friendships. 

Scott Lillis, Age 30

Scott Lillis

  • Home trails: Greer Ranch, Red Hill
  • Favorite people to ride with: The boys!! My lady and anyone who is down really haha
  • Gnar or flow: Gnar!!! I love being scared haha
  • Climb or descend: Descending is where it’s at haha climbing can be fun in the right setting with the right crew but the whole reason we climb is for the descent. 
  • Tacos or wings: Tacos!!! No contest haha
  • Slalom or e-bikes: Slalom!!!! Other then enduro it’s my favorite.    
  • 90s hip hop or 2000s rap: WuTang forever 
  • Gwin or ratboy: Ratboy for sure, his style and whole outlook are really sick and fun but I have a lot of respect for Gwin, the way he approaches his racing like a science and his raw speed is also really fun to watch.
  • Bucket list trail or race: the last few years I’ve really wanted to do one of the Trans Cascadia races in BC or up in the PNW, blind racing on raw backcountry trails, or the Tasmania EWS looks really sick.
  • Thinking or not thinking: both you need to think on the lead up to a race but then shut it off and execute.
  • Why do you ride: Why not!! The freedom you have on a bike, whether it be human-powered or with a motor, is hard to beat. Riding gives you the freedom to just get lost in your own mind and completely block out all the ugly things in the world. Riding bikes is just straight up fun. 

Visit for more details.

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