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Electronic Suspension for Your Electric Bike - FOX Introduces E-Live Valve


Introducing E-Live Valve, FOX’s most advanced electronically tuned suspension system for E-bikes. Designed by FOX’s Advanced Products Group, E-Live Valve will change the way riders interact with their suspension.

E-Live Valve optimizes how you interact with your suspension and the terrain you encounter. Strategically placed sensors read the terrain a thousand times every second. This data is constantly analyzed by a highly advanced control unit with an additional pitch detection sensor, similar to the sensor in your smartphone. Whether you are going uphill, downhill or traversing flat terrain, the system will support you with the safest and fastest suspension setting for the trail ahead. The suspension adjustment is done in three milliseconds; that is 100 times faster than the blink of an eye and way faster any human can react.

FOX’s E-Live Valve system was designed in a partnership with Bosch. The five different suspension modes are easy to adjust on the fly via Bosch’s KIOX display and the bar mounted control lever. The E-Live Valve system also plugs directly into the eMTB Battery, so you only have to deal with charging one single battery.

Learn more about FOX's Live Valve system.


Five different modes to choose from:

  • COMMUTE – Provides a high bump threshold for traveling to and from the trailhead, ideal for tarmac or hard packed surfaces.
  • FIRM – An aggressive feeling ride – keeps up speed and is great for technical climbs.
  • SPORT – The most balanced mode in the line, suitable for all riding conditions. The set and forget setting for everything the trail throws at you.
  • COMFORT – Reduces the bump thresholds and gives your body less of a hard time. Front and rear are always coupled for comfort. You can sit down, spin your legs and let the motor and E-live Valve do the work.
  • OPEN – Used for the initial setup, or your proof loop on your local trails to see that with E-Live Valve, you will ride faster, longer and more secure.

In addition to these five distinctive modes, you can also micro-adjust each mode via the FOX Live Valve eMTB smartphone app.


Smartphone App

The Live Valve eMTB smartphone app is an easy-to-use tool for customizing your suspension and your guide to the perfect setup. Video manuals quickly and easily walk you through the basic setup, but the app can do so much more! Once the app is connected via Bluetooth to the E-Live Valve controller, you are able to customize each of the 5 modes. You can even change the order of the modes to suit your preference.

The app allows us to push custom tunes to the rider via the cloud. Maybe that is a tune tailored to a specific riding area or one for a specific demographic of rider.  You can download it and store it in a special “bull pen” section of the app and then drag ‘n drop into the active stack as desired.

You can also download the latest firmware. The Live Valve eMTB app is your personal assistant to interact with your suspension in an easy-to-understand format.

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