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EXTREME Becomes Media Partner of FMB World Tour 0

EXTREME, the unapologetic lifestyle brand with attitude, is amped to announce a media partnership with the world’s premier freeride series, FMB World Tour from April 2016. With 32 events in 16 different countries and the two predominant disciplines: Dirt Jump and Slopestyle, this year, continuous action is guaranteed.

Style, control and speed… Three prime factors, essential to athletes when participating in extreme sports, especially freeride mountain biking. With more than 22 million athletes participating in extreme sports around the world there’s no surprise that the sector is engaging so many followers.

EXTREME will amplify the reach of the tour and aim to inspire further youth participation and growth of the series. This will further strengthen the showcases that EXTREME offers from the exhilarating action sports sector, as it continues to see its social media audience grow as it alone receives up to 226 million video views and reaches 776 million people a month.

Ryan Maxwell, Marketing Manager, EXTREME commented, “Riders in the FMB World Tour are some of the toughest action sports athletes around and are expected to deliver even in the harshest conditions. We are proud to be working with a series that carries such passion for the sport and to support the riders, putting on events that test even the most motivated and skillful athletes. This partnership will guarantee some of the most jaw dropping footage in the scene.”

Three events have already taken place in Austria and New Zealand, and Switzerland, with a strong lineup of riders throughout the years of the FMB World Tour, including EXTREME ambassadors Tomas Zejda, Daryl Brown and Freddy Pulman.

Tomas Zejda who competed in the 2015 FMB DIAMOND SERIES says “I love MTB because I still get that same amazing feeling today, that I experienced when I first stepped onto a bike. Not a day goes by when I don't want to ride, and thanks to the sport, I have been given the incredible opportunity to travel.”

After an outstanding series in 2015 EXTREME is more than ready for this season's FMB World Tour. Only time will tell who brings home the world title.


EXTREME has pioneered action sports content since 1999 and has grown to be a leading lifestyle brand: Unapologetic, irreverent and anti- establishment, EXTREME is very well known lifestyle brand with serious attitude fuelled by non-conformity, creativity and experimentation. Its fans are the young alternative trendsetters who influence the wider youth market. They have a deep understanding and connection with their fans. The fans know EXTREME. EXTREME know them.

What sets the brand apart is that it enables partner brands to tap into EXTREME's existing flow of ongoing marketing activities and brand presence that is driven by its growing array of marketing initiatives which deliver significant and guaranteed reach. It drives and invests in 80 sponsored ambassadors, 65+ annual events; social media, Extreme TV,, PR, consumer insights and trend led creative assets. All of these support its partners and help drive sales of products and experiences.

About FMB World Tour

The FMB World Tour is the official international circuit of professional Freeride Mountain Bike competitions in the disciplines Dirt Jump, Big Air, Slopestyle and Big Mountain governed by the Freeride Mountain Bike Association e.V. („FMBA"). The FMB World Tour is sanctioning events in 4 different categories: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze. All Diamond events of the tour are creating the FMB Diamond Series and FMB Diamond Series Standings which determines the FMB World Champion every year. Amateur (AM) athletes compete in the regional FMB AM Cups and the title of FMB AM Cup Winner USA (or similar). The FMB World Ranking is a continuous ranking that includes all FMB World Tour licensed athletes (AM and PRO) and provides information about their current world ranking spot.


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