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It's carbon day, here at Vital MTB. First the Evil Undead rolls through and now Enve drops the news that their carbon DH rims are available for public consumption. Are they for everyone? Probably not, but for those who can appreciate the science and the price, I'm sure they won't disappoint...

February 1, 2012 – Ogden, UT, USA – ENVE Composites is pleased to announce the release of the first full carbon downhill rim. For the last five years ENVE has been at the forefront of the bicycle industry pushing the limits of what is achievable with carbon fiber. This has been highlighted by the Santa Cruz Syndicate's success on the World Cup Downhill circuit over the last two years. In September of 2009, ENVE’s first DH specific prototypes were pulled from the molds and delivered to the Syndicate for testing. Since that delivery, ENVE’s DH specific rim has been raced to more than fifty podiums on the professional race circuit.

Key Features:
DH specific 100% uni-direction carbon fiber construction provides:
  - Unprecedented tracking and cornering performance
  - Sizeable weight savings over DH specific alloy rims, most DH specific alloy rims weigh between 580-660 grams
  - Improved stiffness over DH specific alloy rims

Proprietary Toughened Resin System:
  - Guarantees superior strength and impact resistance when compared to much heavier alloy rims
  - Dampens trail feedback

ENVE Patented Molded Spoke Hole Technology:
  - Virtually maintenance free wheel builds
  - Stronger spoke holes allow for higher spoke tensions

DH Rim Technical Specs:
- Hole Counts: 32
- External Width: 30mm
- Internal Width: 21mm
- Depth: 31mm
- Weight: 475 g
- ERD: 535 (includes internal nipple)
- Nipple: Pillar Internal 3/16” Hex
- Rim Tape: ENVE
- Spokes: DT Competition

ENVE’s latest product, being the first of its kind, is a race‐bred design that was developed in conjunction with local pro riders and Santa Cruz Bicycles’ Syndicate race program. The full carbon DH rim provides true performance benefits; most notable are the vast increases in durability over the traditional alloy offerings on the market. Advancements made to the carbon DH rim throughout the 2010 season, resulted in Steve Peat being able to race on the same pair of race wheels for the entire 2011 season. According to ENVE’s Jake Pantone, “this success, along with those of other test riders was the trigger that set into action our plan to release this highly specialized factory race rim for public consumption.” “Being the first full carbon downhill clincher to successfully race and then win a World Cup was a huge accomplishment. Being the first to offer the same World Cup worthy race product to the public is the culmination of a lot of hard work,” said Jason Schiers, ENVE’s founder. “Firsts are hard to come by in our industry. In this case, I think not only did we get there first, but I think we are changing the game.” said Schiers.

In the beginning of ENVE and Santa Cruz Syndicate’s partnership as Schiers put it, “The DH environment and extreme capabilities of riders such as Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar, and Josh Bryceland are the most defining way to demonstrate what sets ENVE branded products apart from all others.” This sponsorship along with others provided ENVE engineers with real world feedback to fully develop and refine a gamechanging product. Over the last year, ENVE has made a sizeable investment in their R&D Testing Lab.

“Our investment in new testing equipment has strengthened our ability to take real world results and feedback, validate it in the lab, and then reintroduce it to the athletes and testers to confirm the changes we’ve made. This process is very apparent in the DH rims. We took what we were learning from our pros and test riders, and made changes accordingly. As a result we believe that the new DH rims are the best riding and most durable mountain rims on the market today,” said ENVE’s VP of Operations Joe

The high‐performance characteristic of the ENVE DH rim is attributed to a proprietary manufacturing process, targeted laminate, and a purpose driven design. The ENVE DH rim is 31 mm deep and features a 21mm inner bead to bead width making it the ideal platform for riders running wide downhill tires. The new ENVE DH clinchers also include a progression of structural modifications that improve ride performance and strength without any notable weight penalties.

The new ENVE DH rims are only available in 26 inch, 32 hole configuration and weigh 475 grams/rim. Retail is set at US$999/rim, and complete pre‐built wheel sets using DT Swiss or Chris King hubs start at US$2,750.

About ENVE Composites
Located in Ogden, Utah, ENVE manufactures carbon fiber rims and components specifically for the bicycle industry and is at the forefront of the emerging outdoor manufacturing sector. ENVE wheels and components are chosen by the best cyclists in the world including the United Health Care Pro Cycling Team, the Santa Cruz Syndicate, and celebrities like Lance Armstrong, who recently rode ENVE mountain wheels at the 2011 XTERRA World Championships. ENVE is one of the only companies in the bicycle  industry to manufacture in the U.S.A and all ENVE wheels are handmade in Ogden, Utah.
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sspomer sspomer 2/16/2012 12:56 PM

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I've been beating the hell out of a set for nearly two seasons... Super pumped. Take it from the heaviest 175 lb rider on the planet. These boys are super stiff, reliable, and pimp!

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Then again, some of us (like me) don't ride very fast and don't smash things very hard and can ride a rim for a whole year... that being said, I still want a set of these!

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Let's just say, hypothetically, that you were a smasher and you went through 8 rims a years (which is what some of those world cup fellas go through in a weekend every so often)... and you're roasting through Mavic rims at 75-90 bucks a pop. Well, you're already half way to a purchase of a set of these. Add to that what your time is worth to rebuild wheels all the time (or worse- pay some one else to lace up your stuff all the time) and add in extra spokes and nipples often due to them getting worn out from constant rebuilding... and the price for these rims doesn't seem so crazy any more. Yes they are expensive but if you get two years out of them with minimal attention and no rebuilds- then I'd say you're coming out ahead. Add the perks of stiffer and lighter wheels to a minimal cost difference for rim smashers and it's not so bad any more.

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We ran them all season for Downhill, Dirt Jumping, Free Ride and All Mountain. We are still running product from 2010 very strong and so smooth. Pretty nice you can use the same wheel for so many applications. We have unquestioned confidence in the in the strength and as Northstar is our home track this is the only rim we have not been able to destroy there. Try a set and you will not want to go back.

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Is 21mm internal a mistake? Their AM rims are 24mm internal. I wish 999 for one rim was a mistake but I know that's what they are asking.

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"Advancements made to the carbon DH rim throughout the 2010 season" I'm pretty sure it was at the '10 "National" at Northstar when I heard Peat say something to the effect of "I blew up another in one run." I guess their R&D team has come a long way.

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The world is cruel - poor Lance. From absolute living legend to celebrity, only took a couple of years. Pretty soon, he'll show up on Survivor, and be doing car battery ads. I even heard Paris Hilton called to ask if he wanted to come to her party.

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"the best cyclists in the world including the United Health Care Pro Cycling Team, the Santa Cruz Syndicate, and celebrities like Lance Armstrong"
Hahaha, this is probably unintentional, but definitely hilarious. Used not only by the best cyclists in the world, but also celebrities like Lance. Classic.

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I totally understand that and agree. Ya just never know with all of the bullshit marketing tactics going on in the mountain bike industry these days haha.

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Either way that is a huge achievement considering how many hoops most of those top guys go through... One race run can yield some pretty battered, dented, cracked rims. So even if Peat got a dozen full speed race runs out of one set of rims, that probably means that average joes will get a few years of use no problem!

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They look and sound pretty sweet!

Now when they say Steve Peat used one pair to race on, does that mean he used one set of wheels for everything that season? Or literally just for the 12 or so races on Sunday that he did? Big difference I think..

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Spent all my money on those rims and didn't have any left for a chain... but really- this is awesome news and I'm pumped these things are for sale. With Enve pushing quality stuff out there, everyone else is going to have to step things up as well and that means more great parts for everyone. The future is looking pretty sweet.

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