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DEITY Launches a New Pedal: The DEFTRAP 3

Far removed from your typical nylon pedal, the DEFTRAP promises a premium pedal experience.

It has been a long time coming and we are excited to debut the latest DEITY pedal: the DEFTRAP! With a true concave profile that your feet sink into, our signature non-offset symmetrical design to offer more stability behind the spindle, eight cro-mo pins and two nylon pins per side, and a massive functional footprint…the DEFTRAP is in a league of its own and dead set on becoming the best feeling nylon pedal on the market.

Riders are passionate about our pedals, so when we decided to dive into a new top tier nylon pedal model, we knew we had to exceed their expectations. Oftentimes nylon pedals are treated as an affordable afterthought by brands, but we wanted the DEFTRAP to leave an emotional response. By offering a “feel” that would rival the highest end pedals in the world and using the best nylon fiber materials available, the DEFTRAP is a cost effective pedal that could thrive performance-wise in a World Cup setting, but also be perfect for someone who simply commutes daily to work. It really is a special feeling pedal and anyone who loves the TMAC will understand what we mean.

“Not all nylon materials are created the same though. Did you know that in the pedal manufacturing game there are two qualities of nylon fiber used for pedals? One is widely used and is the standard in this industry due to its cost-effective price and ease of access. However, there is another nylon fiber material available that is substantially more expensive, harder to acquire, and is approximately 28% stronger against impacts and even stronger than that when faced with dramatic weather ranges. This material is used in high load industries and in equipment that experiences extreme forces, high heat ranges, and bitter cold temperatures. It is vastly superior and the clear winner for us during the development and production of the DEFTRAP Pedal.” Eric Davies (Owner / Designer)

Full color range available in Black, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Turq, Pink, Mint, Purple, and Shaolin Yellow


  • Inspired by the world-renowned TMAC pedal
  • Injection Molded Nylon Fiber Composite Body
  • Premium Nylon Fiber Composite material is 28% stronger than Nylon Composite used by most leading brands
  • Nylon Fiber blend does not get hung up on rocks
  • Non-offset symmetrical design gives the rider perfect weight distribution across the pedal, creating a very stable platform through rough terrain
  • Large 113mm L x 103mm W footprint
  • Featuring a true concave pedal body profile
  • 1.5mm of concave shape in the pedal body per side
  • 18mm at the center
  • 10 pins per side (8 replaceable steel pins, and 2 fixed nylon pins)
  • 2 sealed bearings with oversized DU bushing design is robust and reliable
  • Open channeling for mud and snow shedding capabilities
  • Not the average plastic disposable pedal...the DEFTRAP Pedals are fully sealed, rebuildable, thin, and offer the same or better grip in comparison to a traditional aluminum pedal
  • Brilliant design for all genres of riding...from Trail, Enduro, Downhill, Dirt Jumping, to commuters
  • Full color range available in Black, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Yellow, Mint, Purple, and Pink options
  • 391 grams per pair
  • $49.99 USD

“It was fun designing the DEFTRAP with the goal to pour everything into it and try to make something special. It looks simple, it appears minimalistic, it is definitely in the opposite direction of other nylon pedals on the market, but it feels insanely good underfoot. With a focus on feel, durability, and quality, we treated it like a $150 pedal so we could give riders something special. From the concave profile to our non-offset symmetrical stance and size, literally every person who has ridden on a pair has loved them and we cannot wait for the rest of the world to put their feet on a set!” Eric Davies (Owner / Designer)

To read more details on the new DEFTRAP Pedal and the full line of DEITY components check us out at


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