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Crankbrothers Partners with Industry Nine on Synthesis 11 Carbon Wheels 1

LAGUNA BEACH, CA - Crankbrothers has partnered with Industry Nine to offer Hydra hubs on its full range of Synthesis 11 tuned carbon wheels, bringing leading hub technology to its optimized front and rear specific wheel system.

The Synthesis tuned carbon wheel system combines a compliant front wheel with a stiff rear wheel to achieve optimal ride characteristics of each. The compliant front wheel improves handling and control in turns, while the stiff rear wheel enhances stability and tracking at speed.


“As a brand, we are always looking for partners that are in line with our mission of improving the riding experience. Last year, Industry Nine presented us with an innovative hub that they were developing and testing for a long time. The product looked ahead of the market so we decided to ride and test it and we loved it. We decided then to add it to our Synthesis range, as we want to catch any opportunity for mountain bikers to ride great products,” said Gaspare Licata, Crankbrothers CEO.

Crankbrothers is one of the first brands to spec the new i9 Hydra Hub, which offers an industry leading .52 degrees of engagement. Hand-built in Asheville, NC, Industry Nine’s Hydra hub is engineered with 690 points of engagement for near instantaneous power transfer offering previously unheard of responsiveness.

“We are excited to partner with Crankbrothers for their innovative Synthesis 11 wheel lineup, which offers a unique execution of front and rear specific design. This innovative, divergent approach reflects the development of our Hydra Drive mechanism - the combination of these two technologies will yield an exemplary riding experience,” said Jacob McGahey, VP of Industry Nine.

The Synthesis range includes wheels for three disciplines, each tuned for a specific type of riding with unique rim widths, spoke counts and spoke types. Synthesis XCT 11 wheels come with i9 Hydra hubs; Synthesis E 11 and DH 11 wheels are available with i9 Hydra hubs or Project 321 hubs. Synthesis XCT and E with standard hubs are also available. All Synthesis rims are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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Since 1997, Crankbrothers has grown to have a global presence with distribution in 50 countries and offices in California, Utah, Italy, and Taiwan. Tested and proven by the world’s best athletes in the most demanding conditions, Crankbrothers products deliver superior function through disruptive design.

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