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Cotic Launches the All-New Jeht 29er 140mm Trail Bike 2

Enough bike for anything short of Full Enduro.

The Jeht is designed to sit in that 'Goldilocks' spot where riders wanting a trail bike with an all round sensibility also get great climbing and an easy-to-handle chassis. The Jeht has enough travel to amplify its capability far beyond the downcountry genre, but without going Full Enduro (tm). It’s a lively, engaging, supportive & rewarding bike that will without doubt bring a smile to your face.

The new Jeht runs Cotic's signature droplink suspension platform, with a new longer link layout and kinematic. This allowed us to improve the seat tube packaging over our previous 29er droplink bikes, adding 20mm seatpost insertion compared to a FlareMAX on all sizes. By running with a OneUp Components dropper post, the majority of riders will be able to get at least a 150mm drop seatpost on a Jeht, even on the small size.

The new kinematic has also changed the way we set up the base tune on the Cane Creek and Rockshox shocks. The Jeht runs 2 volume spacers to give that lively and feedback-rich Cotic feel; this also allows riders looking for a little more comfort and mile munching ability to drop a spacer out to soften the edges off. Heavier riders can also drop spacers out to combat the extra ramp up that higher pressures bring to the spring curve. More options for everyone to get their perfect ride feel.

The bike runs 150mm forks as standard and a 64.5 deg head angle, but will happily run 140mm if you want a little more sharpness to the handling, dropping the head angle to 65deg. The seat angle sits at 75.8deg at 720mm saddle height, and 75.5 deg at 815mm, with the new seat tube arrangement bringing minimal seat angle change regardless of your leg length. 150 fork geo chart:

Cotic Longshot geometry brings our well established great handling, with reach ranging from 444mm to 515mm, all designed for running a 35mm stem whatever the size bike you choose. Seat tubes are cut low so most riders will be able to choose between a couple of sizes to suit their needs and local trail conditions.

Full product page, gallery, specifications, geo chart and all the other information available at:

UK Launch Edition

Whilst the series production Jeht will be made by framebuilder in Taiwan, we know that some customers for our Taiwan built model lines love the idea of our UK made frames. So, in a first for Cotic, the Jeht is released with a Launch Edition of no more than 30 UK made frames. These are available right now in the fabulous Afterburner or Matte Teal colours, with Cane Creek DB Air IL or Kitsuma shock options, with prices starting at £2199 for the frame and Air IL shock.

If you miss out on these, then our series production Taiwan made version will arrive in mid-February 2021 in Mercury Rave and Matte Blue Steel colour options, at a starting price of £1,799 with a Rock Shox Deluxe Select Plus shock.

Bike Specs

As usual we have our Silver, Gold and Platinum build options, but due to parts availability there will be some changes, and some delays on certain options. Bear with us, due to staggered deliveries there's a lot to get through!


Silver builds based on SLX or MY20 GX Eagle are available now with X Fusion Trace 36 HLR fork, Cane Creek Air IL shock and Superstar/WTB wheels for £3699. In mid-Feb 2021 these will switch to SLX only, Rock Shox Revelation/Deluxe Select Plus suspension and Shimano wheels which brings the price down to £3499. Choosing a Taiwan made frame drops the price a further £300 to £3199.


Gold builds are available with either SRAM GX Eagle Lunar, or Shimano Deore XT, with HELM and Air IL suspension, HUNT wheels and WTB tyres. These builds are £4649 for the both drivetrain options on a UK made frame. Same builds on a Taiwan frame are £4349.


Platinum is the full house, with SRAM X01 Eagle, Cane Creek eeWings, Kitsuma shock and HELM fork (Pike Ultimate no cost option), Hope stem/Burgtec bar, all the toys! £6499 bags you one of these beauties on a UK made frame, or £6199 if you wait for a Taiwan version.

Remember our bikes are assembled to order in the UK: Your Bike Built For You. There are many options within these stocks builds: Guide RSC 4 pot brakes, Hope parts, Kitsuma shocks, (from Feb) Pike Ultimate fork, Maxxis tyres. There's too many to list, so head over to our configurator at and get playing. Build your dream bike.

All options and complete bikes are available to reserve now, with the first UK made frames and bikes delivered before Christmas (assuming parts availability).


A few words from Cy Turner, Founder and Director at Cotic Bikes:

It's great to launch a new bike, and I have had so much fun testing and putting the finishing touches to the shock tunes over the last couple of months. Whilst my usual ride is a RocketMAX Gen3, even as the designer it's been interesting to note the differences between the bikes and how much of a different personality the Jeht has in comparison. For a start, it's an absolutely fabulous tech climber, and I have scrabbled back up almost all of my suspension test track (Devil's Elbow in Blacka Moor Woods near my house in Sheffield). Given that I'm not blessed with an uplift here, being able to ride most of the way back up when doing laps with the data logger has certainly meant I've had more time to work through all the options and setups I wanted to try.

Despite only having a little less travel than the RocketMAX, the shorter front centre and slightly steeper head angle make it easier to weight the front wheel on corner entry, and it has a slightly tighter natural turning radius. If I had to describe a single really obvious point of difference, there is a turn on Devil's Elbow, near the top. It's a flat right hand hairpin, which is approached at reasonable pace through a left hand sweeper, and the exit opens out into a left hander too. So the move through the turn is approached with the bike lent over left, brake, flip the bike on it's edge for the hairpin, flip is back again for the exit left. The RocketMAX always feels like it makes me wait at the hairpin, naturally turning a little wider, needing a little more space before I can get the exit. The Jeht just flips edge to edge through there like it's the easiest move in the world. Right from the first run, that was the natural feeling on the bike.

For more about the new bike, check in directly with Cy:



Cy Turner
Founder and Director
Cotic Bikes


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