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Claudio Caluori’s Own Way of Everesting: Keneveresting and Making It Count for #pumpforpeace 7

Can Claudio climb 8848 meters in 8 hours with his Kenevo?

Claudio Caluori’s Own Way of Everesting: Keneveresting and Making It Count for #pumpforpeace

On Monday 10 August, Claudio will be attempting his own version of Everesting: The Keneveresting.

He will try to climb the Crap Sogn Gion and descend the Never End Trail in Laax 8 times in 8 hours with his Kenevo. The Crap Sogn Gion is the main mountain of the famous ski resort of Laax and the Never End Trail is the infamous, brutally long downhill track which Claudio won his first Swiss national downhill title on in 1999.

Fans can make him ride even longer by donating for the next #pumpforpeace project! If we hit the $8848 mark within the 8 hours - Claudio will keep riding for more to make that next project a reality. Can he do it more than 8 times? You can force him to keep going!


All funds raised will either be donated to support feeding schemes in and around our existing #pumpforpeace tracks to support communities that have been severely impacted  by the current international health crisis, or, towards launching the next #pumpforpeace project in either Nepal, Guatemala, South Africa, Ethiopia or Morocco.


The Concept of Everesting

Pick any hill, anywhere in the world and climb it as many times as needed to reach 8848m of vertical climb - the equivalent height of MT Everest. 

The Concept of Keneveresting

Claudio will push himself and his Kenevo to the absolute limit by climbing the Crap Sogn Gion and descending the Never End Trail at least 8 times in 8 hours, which would result in 9000 vertical meters (29500feet) of climbing and redescending, meaning he’ll be riding up and down Mount Everest in less than 8 hours, despite not being an endurance athlete at all. 

The biggest challenge might or might not be pedalling up to the peak 8 times, but it will certainly be a big challenge to hold on to the handle bars on a brutally long downhill track 8 times and doing all of it in 8 hours.

This is the plan: 

  • Start of the first run is at 6am
  • Climbing the Crap Sogn Gion from 1090m to 2215m, meaning 1125 vertical meters of climbing in 35 minutes.
  • Descending the Never End Trail back down in 15 minutes.
  • Battery Swap, Bike Check, Drink, Eat
  • Repeat until you’ve reached the Keneverest or even longer!

Why on a Kenevo?

Claudio fell in love with that bike because it allows him to climb any hill at ridiculous speeds while giving him the feeling of being on a downhill bike on the way back down. The Keneveresting is the logical consequence of living in one of the most amazing places in the world and riding one of the most amazing bikes in the world.


Claudio basically just needed to find a reason to get away from his computer and ride his bike - but while doing so, why not try to set a record for others to challenge and find out what’s possible for a non-endurance athlete on an ebike and at the same time raise funds for #pumpforpeace!

Get involved! Head over to and donate to keep Claudio riding on 10 August!

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