We launched our first alloy handlebar in 2003. At the time it was one of the widest bars on the market at 720mm. The OSX developed soon after and the width of the bars increased. We've kept the geometry of the OSX the same over the years because it just works and feels right to us. Coming up with new graphics for our bars has always been a fun part of the design for us as well as using a lot of different colours and finishes.2020 marks the fruition of several new features and advancements resulting from new design ideas, new technologies in fabrication, and expanded capabilities of our manufacturing facilities.

We've brought the gold OSX back for 2020

For 2020 the OSX has seen a major overhaul, with several updates and significant improvements in feel, strength-to-weight and overall performance. We’ve retained the essence of OSX geometry with a 25mm rise, a 5° upsweep and an 8° backsweep; however the length has increased to 800mm. By refining the shape, and utilising variable butting, high grade alloys and advanced heat treatment techniques, we have increased the fatigue life by over 50%. So much so, that we’ve seen fatigue test results reach over 1 million cycles.

HTX - Advanced Heat Treatment

The term heat treatment gets thrown around a lot, but most of the time the word consistency doesn’t come along with it. Depending on the batch an individual bar might be subjected to vastly different temperatures during the process. HTX ditches the disparity and provides uniform, quality heat treatment on every single bar.

Refined Tube Shape

A longer, more progressive taper between diameters reduces stress risers through the dimensional transitions. By increasing the tapered sections and using a larger radius we have inherently built more strength into the shape of the OSX.New green ano for the 2020 OSX

New green ano for the 2020 OSX

7000 Series Aluminum Alloy

We use aerospace-grade aluminum to achieve our required properties of strength and toughness, with added resistance to stress and corrosion.

Variable Butted

Variable butted wall thickness optimises strength in areas where needed, while maintaining flex for a great overall feel and optimised weight.

The original standard-setting Chromag bar, refined… now in its 8th iteration!

  • 31.8mm clamp
  • 800mm wide, 5° upsweep, 8° backsweep
  • 25mm rise
  • 7000 series alloy with variable butted wall profile featuring advanced heat treatment

OSX 35

Our burliest alloy bar has improved again with construction and material updates plus the addition of a 35mm rise option. The new OSX35 features a variable butted profile increasing strength where needed, through the bends, while adding compliance for a better feel and fatigue life several times the current accepted standard. It’s the bar of choice for riders at high levels who are fitting to a 35mm interface and need the highest quality and performance from an alloy bar.

OSX 35 bar with the BZA stem

  • 35mm clamp version of our OSX layout
  • 800mm wide, 5° upsweep, 8° backsweep
  • Available in 25mm and 35mm rise
  • 7000 series alloy with variable butted wall profile featuring advanced heat treatment


For 2020 the FU40 sees improvements in outside shape, with longer, more progressive tapers, our new Variable Butting Technology, and improved Advanced Heat Treatment process.

With more height up front the FU40 offers a position many riders are looking for today. Our new forming methods, material and heat treatment technologies make the FU40 one of the strongest, most reliable handlebars on the market today without sacrificing feel or being over weight. In short the FU40 packs in all the same tech as the OSX, but with more rise.

  • 31.8mm clamp
  • 800mm wide, 5° upsweep, 8° backsweep
  • 40mm rise
  • 7000 series alloy with variable butted wall profile featuring advanced heat treatment


FU40 bar with the Ranger stem

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