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Here we are again with yet another new link. Almost a year after putting out our first Norco link, we are now doing one for the Optic. As with all our links, this one makes the suspension more progressive, going from 17% up to 23%. It also increases travel by 5 mm, putting it at 130mm even. What does this result in? The usual stuff.

The suspension feels softer off the top and tracks over rougher terrain better, then it ramps up to deliver support as it gets into the latter half of its travel. Because this is a short-travel bike that also needs to be able to pedal well, we made sure the link preserved the pedaling characteristics and didn’t turn it into a tank to pedal. Geometry also remains the same since that is one of the traits we enjoy the most about the Optic.

Available in black and silver

So, if you’re trying to change up the suspension to help smooth out that chatter and don’t mind 5 mm more travel, this might just be the ticket. Or maybe you want that 5 mm of travel too. Now we read enough of the comments to know what the usual responses are. Let me tell you something, installing a different link doesn’t mean you have the wrong bike any more than installing volume spacers would mean you have the wrong shock. It’s a tuning tool. It doesn’t make the Optic not an Optic anymore, it just makes it a different version of itself.

Specs and Details:

  • 130 mm of travel
  • Progression increased to 23% compared to 17% with stock link
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • CNC’d from 6061-T6 in the USA
  • Colors: Black, silver
  • Cost: $332 USD


So there you have it. If this seems like your jam we’ve got them.

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