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Cascade Components Announces Kona Process 153 Link 7

The new Cascade Components link will give your Kona a marked increase in progressivity and longevity.

Who remembers the Dangerboy rockers you used to be able to buy for the Stinky just shy of two decades ago? We are pleased to bring you our addition to the history of Kona rocker links with our Process 153 link. We have designed our link to increase the progression to 24% from the stock 11% and bump the travel up to 160 mm. These changes transform the suspension, giving you more grip over rough terrain, significantly improved bottom out resistance, and more mid-stroke support. As a bonus, we have increased the size of the shock pivot bearings in order to increase their longevity. In line with our other links, the climbing performance of the bike remains unchanged.

The Process 153 link is designed around the stock size shock, so no new shock is needed to run the link. At 24% progression you can run either air or coil depending on what you ride and how you ride it. The link is compatible with both the carbon and aluminum frames. Because of the seat stay bridge, the stock shock size is the largest shock size you can run with the link.

Specs and Details:

  • Travel: 160mm with stock shock
  • Progression increases to 24% from 11%
  • Larger size 6900 Enduro Max Bearings
  • CNC'd out of 6061-T6 in the USA
  • Cost $352 USD

Is the Process 153 link worth the cost? That’s up to you. However, the link creates a more notable improvement than any other alteration you can make to the 153’s rear suspension and comes in at much less than the price of a shock. Doesn't stuffing your shock full of volume spacers accomplish the same thing? Definitely not. We have tried many configurations and volume spacers don’t come close to mimicking the changes this link makes to the kinematics. What should you expect your initial impression to be if you get the chance to ride a link? It’s like new bike day in the best kind of way.

The aluminum Process 153 with a prototype link installed

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