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Cam Zink on Why He Uses CBD 7

Cam shares how the longevity of his career is assured with the support of natural medicine like CBD.

Mountain Bike Legend Cam Zink has recently accounted his partnership with CBD wellness company Just Live, alongside professional athletes Klay Thompson, Alex Morgan, Travis Pastrana and Paul Rodriguez. The famed athletes have come together to provide fitness enthusiasts of all levels with natural, fully transparent, and completely compliant alternatives to painkillers for sports and fitness recovery.

Just Live products are formulated with clean, responsibly sourced ingredients for a trusted form of recovery. All Just Live products are THC-free and have no intoxicating attributes. With founding athletes competing at the highest levels, Just Live's high-quality products are completely compliant and created via a fully transparent supply chain. Just Live's expansive product line includes Topical Pain Creams, Gummies, Tinctures, Sleep Gels and Supplements.


Cam’s reputation for going big and constantly pushing the boundaries in mountain biking have been hard-earned. His first five years as a professional were impaired with alternating knee injuries. For Zink, overcoming injuries has been made more difficult due to the fact that he shies away from using traditional painkillers.

While he’s been dealing with injuries since long before CBD was an option for pain relief and overall wellness, Cam now says, “It’s taken something like CBD and a long time of just neglecting my injuries for me to see that there’s a better way,” adding, “If I were to have CBD back then at the beginning of my career, I think it would have been life-changing. CBD is the perfect way to mitigate injuries. CBD isn’t mind altering. So it’s not going to mess with your focus. And if you recover faster and get a better night’s sleep, then you’re going to have all hands-on deck with everything firing.”

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