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BikeYoke Launches the REVIVE MAX Dropper

When Vital tested the original BikeYoke Revive, we were won over by its smooth operation, long travel, low weight, and of course above all the unique "reset" function which allows for quick and easy bleeding of the internal hydraulics without having to open up the post. In fact, the Revive put in such a good performance that it walked away with first place in our comprehensive 2017 dropper post Face Off. Today, BikeYoke is announcing a new version for the 34.9mm seat tube standard, which seems to be set on a course to increasing popularity. Time will tell just how popular it will prove to be, but in the meantime it is certainly refreshing to see how much effort BikeYoke continues to put into their small but growing range of quality products. Full press release and more details from the company below:

Why bother with a shim-adapted dropper post in a high end frame like the new Specialized Enduro, EVIL Wreckoning, Pyga Hyrax or Slakline, Liteville and the likes? One should not forget, that many more bikes with 34.9mm seattubes are not unlikely to come, since - yes, undoubtedly - especially E-Bikes with more critical requirements in terms of legal testing reports will greatly benefit from the strength gain. Until now there was no dedicated 34.9mm dropper post available, that had various travel options with up to 185mm of travel. While there have been some brands with 34.9 options, all of them are based on their regular sized siblings with original upper tube diameter. Which means: Those droppers just used a bigger lower tube and kept the general design unchanged. More space inside the seattube comes along with huge possibilities to make the post stronger, stiffer, smoother, but other post designs fail to take advantage of those circumstances. However, the biggest design flaw - in our opinion – is, that those small/regular upper tubes would not really want to match with the oversized seattubes. A bike of this price range deserves a properly designed and good-looking post. Period. To be fair: There is one dedicated 34.9 post with an oversized upper tube, Specialized ́s newest creation. However, this post only offers 115mm of tube travel.


BikeYoke now proudly presents the world ́s  first dedicated 34.9 dropper post, which was solely and completely designed for the oversized seattubes. REVIVE MAX features a 28mm stanchion (original REVIVE 25mm), optimized wall thicknesses, increased bushing strength, while keeping the market ́s shortest stack height and extremely low overall length/ travel ratio as it is already featured by its smaller REVIVE siblings. This minimizes the weight penalty to less than 50g, compared to a (160/31.6), resulting in a total weight of 590g for the post only, which is still lower than many competitors with less travel and smaller diameter. One should not forget, that the added weight is even less, considering, there is now no more need for an extra shim inside the seattube. Of course, all REVIVE MAX posts will come with the latest revision of our patented instant reset function, and integrated quick-reset lever.


Post weights:

  • 125/34.9: 530g
  • 160/34.9: 590g
  • 185/34.9: 630g.

Triggy remote weights:

  • Triggy without clamp (direct mount): 23g
  • Triggy including clamp: 36g

MSRP (including Triggy remote):

  • 125/34.9: 455 US$
  • 160/34.9: 479 US$
  • 185/34.9: 499 US$

REVIVE MAX will start shipping by middle of March to our dealers and distributors and end consumers. Pre-orders from are starting now and will come with a free Titanium bolt upgrade, when ordered before March 15.

NEW I-Spec Options for Remote Mounting

Another nice feature of our REVIVE is the possibility to attach the Triggy remote directly to SRAM, Magura, Hope, Formula brakes via their specific direct mount options (e.g SRAM Matchmaker, Magura Shiftmix, Formula Mixmaster, ...). Our Triggy uses the same interface as SRAM triggers, which means, you can mount it directly to any Matchmaker compatible brake lever. Shimano brake levers can be mated with BikeYoke's I-Spec adapters, which are available for left (Triggy) and right side (SRAM Trigger) to get rid of extra clamps and keep the cockpit clean.

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