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BikeYoke Launches the Divine Dropper Post and Sagma Suspension Saddle 2

Innovative new suspension saddle and travel-adjustable dropper posts from BikeYoke.

BikeYoke Launches the Divine Dropper Post and Sagma Suspension Saddle

Three years after launching the groundbreaking REVIVE design and one year after the superlight DIVINE SL, BikeYoke announces its brand new DIVINE, which will be going on the shelves this October. The goal was pairing the renowned REVIVE reliability with lighter weight and a cheaper price point, whilst not sacrificing reliability or build quality. That´s why DIVINE is based on the proven REVIVE chassis but complete new internals.


Auto-Reset Function

The new hydraulic/pneumatic system features an auto-reset function, which makes manual resets, as seen on the REVIVE obsolete. Oil and air will stay, where they belong.

Adjustable Travel 

Dropper lengths have always been a concern for shorter riders, especially when the desired drop is just a tad too long fort the given frame. You usually have to go with the shorter post, giving away plenty of millimeters of valuable drop. 

Via clip-on spacers, you can reduce the maximum drop of the DIVINE in 5mm increments. This allows turning a 160mm DIVINE into a 145 for example, so you don´t need to cope with 125mm. Installation is fairly easy and takes less than 5 minutes: Release air, remove circlip, unscrew sealhead, clip spacer on shaft, then put back together. 


Compared to other  travel adjustable droppers, we intentionally chose a slightly more involved design of travel-reduction, as we think this is the best way to ensure consistent and durable smooth function. 4 five millimeter clips are included with every post, allowing a drop reduction of up to 20mm. Additional spacers are available online or from local dealers, if needed. The post comes in three standard lengths: 125, 160, 185.

Why not a longer drop?

While we were the first ones to offer a 185mm dropper post, we are aware of the fact that other companies have caught up and some of them do offer longer drops already. However, we do see some difficulties with offering more drop in the 30.9 and 31.6 department. The problem is not necessarily structural stability, but much more the risk of scored upper tubes. The gap between inner (upper) and lower (outer) tube is extremely small, and when designing a post, we must avoid the upper tube touching the inner wall of the lower tube when sliding through it. Upper tubes flex and bend during dropping, and the longer the upper tube, the heavier the rider, the slacker the seat tube angle, the more they will flex/bend. More bend means higher risk of touching tubes.

A bigger gap or a stiffer upper tube would help.

A stiffer upper tube (at same gap) would be easily achieved through a bigger diameter, but at the same time it would require an equally thinner wall on the lower tube, which would then make the post more sensitive to clamping forces from the seat collar. So that does not really help. Just increasing the gap would also require a thinner lower tube, and the result would be the same: A post, which is very sensitive to clamping force on the collar. Long story short, we did not find a solution, that lets us offer longer droppers without seeing issues in serial production, considering all the variables which we have no influence on: namely, many different kinds of frames and users. We only want to offer products, that we are confident will cause as little problems as possible.



DIVINE comes with the exact same remote options as REVIVE, namely the under-bar-style Triggy which you can combine with several brake levers on the market. The 2-by remote is also available, in case the spot is already taken by another under bar-left side lever.

Full Serviceability

As all BikeYoke droppers, the chassis and and hydraulic circuit are fully user serviceable. Spare parts are available for dealers and end consumers.  Due to the shared chassis architecture, DIVINE and REVIVE share service-kits for the lower tube service, as well as the lower tubes themselves, which allows swapping from 30.9 to 31.6 very quickly. That way your post can just go to your new bike, if you need it to.

Weights and dimensions (without remote):

  • DIVINE 125/30.9: 445g
  • DIVINE 125/31.6: 465g
  • DIVINE 160/30.9: 495g
  • DIVINE 160/31.6: 515g
  • DIVINE 185/30.9: 535g
  • DIVINE 185/31.6: 560g

Overall dimensions remain unchanged and are same as on REVIVE and offer an extremely compact overall length and stack height. 

REVIVE remains as top-end post

REVIVE remains, marking the top model of BikeYoke´s line-up. One might ask why. Simply because REVIVE has unrivaled smooth action in terms of lever and drop force due to its hydraulic design. REVIVE is just performing a tad better back to back. However, you will only notice, if you have ever owned a REVIVE and could compare it to other posts. DIVINE is still on par with or better than many (all?) competitors. So if you want maximum performance, REVIVE is the way to go. If you are aiming for a better price point, less weight or travel adjustability, then you may have to take a very close look at the DIVINE.

Pricing and Availability

  • DIVINE 125 with/without Remote: $289/$329
  • DIVINE 160 with/without Remote: $309/$349
  • DIVINE 185 with/without Remote: $339/$379

Deliveries start October 2019.

BikeYoke is launching its first bicycle saddle called SAGMA.

SAGMA comes with new features such as a unique damping/suspension system with Follow™ function and new foam technology idbeads™. Covered by an extremely thin layer of highly wear resistant PU leather and suspended on 7x9mm H-rails (compatible with any standard saddle clamp), this saddle will stand out for sure.



We’re bringing a material that's blown up and turned into many small beads. This innovative and exclusive low speed rebound beads formula perfectly mimics the rider’s anatomy in order to reduce pressure in sensitive areas and to increase comfort & performance. An ergonomic shape with discharged channel improves comfort for both men and women.

Follow Function

Folllow™ function alongside saddle’s dampening system helps to improve power transmission, reduces friction on tights due to light saddle flex from side-to-side and also increases contact surface between saddle and tights for more steering control. The whole saddle is build up on bolt-on aluminum rail mounting, designed with unique “H”-shaped cross section to reduce weight whilst keeping strength. The forged 7x9mm H-rails made of aluminum AL2014-T6 are compatible with all standard clamp designs.


The SAGMA saddle comes in 2 widths to match all riders’ needs (130mm / 142mm).

Weights, Pricing and Availability:

  • SAGMA saddle weights: 130mm (208g) and 142mm (219g)
  • SAGMA saddle: 129€ / $129US
  • Shipping will start end of October 2019

For more information, head on over to

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