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BikeYoke Launches Revive 2.0 with Up To 213mm Travel, New Triggy Remote 3

BikeYoke moves ahead in the race for the longest dropper and makes other key improvements to its proven test-winner.

BikeYoke Launches Revive 2.0 with Up To 213mm Travel, New Triggy Remote

More bikes showing up with with really short and straight seattubes (e.g Pivot Switchblade, the whole Ibis family) now indeed do allow longer posts and short riders in particular will benefit greatly from the development. Short seattubes, however, also mean that tall riders will reach the limit of maximum extension on their post. They might actually need longer posts in order to maintain a proper saddle height for pedaling.

In 2017 the REVIVE 185 was introduced as the longest production aftermarket dropper on the market and has won not only several reviews and rewards [Vital Dropper Post Face Off Winner - ed.], but also become popular under enthusiasts, pro-racers and testers. Now, a couple of years later, other manufacturers had caught up and even surpassed the former class leader.

BikeYoke now strikes back with a whopping 213mm version of the REVIVE, making it - once again - the longest dropper you can put in your bike.


Noteworthy updates on the REVIVE 2.0 include:

  • 3D forged, one-piece upper tube design for increase stiffness 
  • Hard anodized pin seats for improved corrosion resistance
  • CNC-finished actuator lever for smoother actuation
  • New, longer saddle bolts and upper saddle clamp for easier saddle installation 

Together with the new 213mm version, the shorter versions also receive minor and major updates, which justify a family renaming and make them all REVIVE 2.0. REVIVE 2.0 comes in 30.9 and 31.6 diameter while our dedicated 34.9 dropper, REVIVE MAX, will remain as is.

Of course, REVIVE 2.0 will keep the patented REVIVE function and the buttery smooth action of its predecessor.


Now making a 213mm drop possible was not a simple task, and development started already with the launch of the 185mm version over two years ago. 

The dramatically longer levers and loads required a complete redesign of the original REVIVE chassis structure, mainly speaking of a new upper tube unit made of one single piece, 3D-forged and precisely CNC-machined afterwards. In contrast to a traditional 2-piece design (head+tube bonded), the one-piece-design allows a defined and orientated but variable wall thickness of the upper tube, making it stiffer and stronger in important load situations. The REVIVE 2.0 213 also gets a noticeably longer bushing overlap to reduce wear.


The shorter 125, 160 and 185 versions remain with their original dimensions, but they will all benefit from the extensive 213mm version toolings and also get the one-piece and hard-anodized upper tube units.

New, longer saddle bolts with integrated conical washers and a new symmetric upper saddle clamp make saddle installation even more simple and a new CNC-finished actuator lever brings ridiculous smoothness to the already smooth engagement.

Old (L) vs new (R)
Old (L) vs new (R)
Old (L) vs new (R)

BikeYoke USP – Update Service Program

Everyone wants to have the latest sh**t on his, bike, right? We know that! Good then, that all the parts of REVIVE 2.0 are compatible with previous models. At BikeYoke we don’t want to forget about our existing customers and so we present the BikeYoke USP: Basically, the customer books in for a regular paid service at one of our official service centers and they will not only perform a full service, but rebuild the post with REVIVE 2.0 parts without upcharge.

BikeYoke USP is time-limited and more information will follow on

Weights REVIVE 2.0

125mm/30.9: 465g
125mm/31.6: 485g
160mm/30.9: 525g
160mm/31.6: 545g
185mm/30.9: 560g
185mm/31.6: 580g
213mm/30.9: 610g
213mm/31.6: 640g

Pricing U.S.

REVIVE 2.0 125: $320
REVIVE 2.0 160: $320
REVIVE 2.0 185: $350
REVIVE 2.0 213: $380

Pricing EU

REVIVE 2.0 125: 335€
REVIVE 2.0 160: 335€
REVIVE 2.0 185: 375€
REVIVE 2.0 213: 405€

Availability: immediately (middle of August 2020)

BikeYoke Triggy Alpha

Triggy Alpha – We believe the name speaks for itself - the new pack leader of dropper remotes.


Over four years after the extremely popular Triggy was introduced, the time has come for a new benchmark. Together with REVIVE 2.0, Triggy Alpha was designed to lead the dropper world.

The video explains what makes Triggy Alpha stand out amongst others:


  • Ball bearing on the paddle
  • Angle-adjustable paddle
  • Black anodized aluminum body and paddle with laser engraved finish
  • 2 available paddle lengths for crisp or soft dropper engagement
  • 2 mounting holes
  • Integrated cable tensioner
  • Direct-mountable for almost any brake available (see mounting options)
  • New cable clamping for universal dropper compatibility
  • Extremely low weight: 32g/34g (short/long)
  • Maximum cable pull: 11 mm


Pricing U.S./EU: $60/65€

Availability: end of August/early September 2020


View key specs, compare products, and rate the Revive 2.0 Seatpost and Triggy Alpha Remote in the Vital MTB Product Guide.

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