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BikeYoke Introduces REVIVE MAX 2.0 213 mm and DIVINE SL 100 / DIVINE SL 125

Following the standard 30.9 and 31.6 REVIVES, which were introduced last year, here comes the "beefy" brother REVIVE MAX in 34.9 with a whopping 213mm stroke. The latest introductions of bike models throughout the last year showed more manufacturers shifting to the bigger seatpost diameter of 34.9mm for certain models. Amongst others, brands that already count on the 34.9 seatpost diameter are:

  • Specialized
  • Norco
  • Trek
  • Commencal
  • Pyga
  • Ghost
  • Liteville
  • Rotwild
  • Pole
  • Actofive
  • Crossworx

Growing demand for the 34.9er diameter - both by end customers and by manufacturers – finally convinced the gals and guys over at BikeYoke to invest in new toolings and parts to also offer the MAX in 213. Good for customers, because the diameter of the upper telescopic tube, which increases from 25 to 28mm in the MAX models, allows for a stronger design, causes less wear and the function becomes even smoother, especially in the long strokes.


With the ever increasing desire for more stroke the existing, long-time-around, 34.9 "standard" does look like the superior option over the smaller 30.9/31.6 counterparts on the long run, considering the travel is trending longer and longer and even longer - throughout all frame sizes.

Needless to say, the new 213 MAX also gets all the REVIVE 2.0 updates of its thinner sisters which were already introduced last year:

  • 3D forged, one-piece telescopic tube unit, CNC finished  
  • Hard anodized sliding pin grooves in the upper telescope tube unit for increased corrosion resistance and less wear and tear
  • CNC re-machined actuator lever for even smoother lever feel
  • Forged aluminum foot/control assembly
  • New saddle bolts with integrated tapered washers
  • New, symmetrical and extended upper saddle clamp 

The existing 125/160/185 REVIVE MAX models remain unchanged in the lineup.

The unique feature of being able to bleed the hydraulics of the post in seconds if necessary is of course not withheld from the REVIVE MAX 2.0 213. This is how the magic works:


As on its slimmer 30.9 and 31.6 sisters, the bushing spacing on the 213 MAX 2.0 34.9 has been increased to accommodate the bigger leverage of the long stroke and, above all, to curb wear and the so-called "drawer effect" - a possible sticking of the post due to binding.

The concept of sustainability and serviceability has always played an important role in each of BikeYoke's dropper designs ever since the beginning of their market entry. Instead of relying on replaceable, disposable cartridges, the internals of any BikeYoke dropper can be fully and easily rebuilt with just common tools and spares and service parts are available for end customers as well as dealers. 

The REVIVE MAX 2.0 213 once again aims to set a benchmark: Fully designed for the 34.9 diameter, no aftermarket telescopic dropper on the market offers longer stroke, higher serviceability and more sustainability in one package. 


  • Length: 550mm/582mm (without/with actuator)
  • Weight: 690g
  • Price: 350€/$440 US
  • Availability: now



Dropper posts have become standard equipment for many racers with the increasingly technical race tracks in marathon and particularly in the XC world. Podium finishes or race wins with telescopic seatposts are now the norm, not an exception. The DIVINE SL has been a great friend to riders wanting to combine reliability and performance with little to negligible weight penalty. 


The DIVINE SL already "won“ Cape Epic, this year it could celebrate a world championship title in XC and a bronze medal at the Olympics, only to mention a few highlights. For other component manufacturers it may have become daily business to see their products winning races or championships. At BikeYoke we are still proud of every rider achieving something great with our products, even if our contribution is small, even if we are just a small cog in the big machine.

A few years ago "about 80mm“ was what most world-class riders told us to go for, when we asked them about their opinion fort he optimal drop for XC racing when designing the first DIVINE SL. The acceptance for droppers has grown in the XC world, and one or the other would now even wish for a tad more drop.

However, since even the purebred XC race-rigs are now not only infrequently given a small down-country touch, the seat tubes are also becoming shorter rather than longer. Taller racers in particular now may already have to go to the limit and beyond of minimum insertion length to achieve their perfect saddle height with the standard/rigid 400mm seatpost. "Normal“ droppers with 100 or 125 drop are then very quickly out of the question.

This is exactly where the new DIVINE SL 100 and DIVINE SL 125 can come into play: Significantly longer than other droppers of same stroke, yet lighter.


Unlike the REVIVE or DIVINE [non-SL DIVINES] family of droppers, which are primarily designed for use in trail bikes or enduro bikes (hence these aim to squeeze out as much stroke from as minimal overall length as possible), the target was a completely different one with the DIVINE SL series. 

Rather, the DIVINE SL seeks to combine moderate drop (just as much as racers really need or want) with long frame extension and lowest possible weight. Therefore, the 125er DIVINE SL measures 445mm from saddle rails to end of lower tube – that is 80mm more  than on a REVIVE 125 with same travel. Yet, the DIVINE SL comes with a weight advantage of 20g over its shorter cousin. 

Nevertheless, all DIVINE SL models can be cut down, if you do not need the full length and want to shave off some additional grams from your bike. The DIVINE SL is still and again a benchmark, second to none, optimized and designed with pure XC-racing is mind.


SL 80-30,9: 400g/400mm
SL 80-31,6: 420g/400mm
SL 100-30,9: 415g/420mm
SL 100-31,6: 435g/420mm
SL 125-30,9: 430g/445mm
SL 125-31,6: 450g/445mm


DIVINE SL 80/100/125: 350€/$350 US
availability: now

New 2X Remote

New generations of suspension lockouts and e-control units are starting to fill up the space, that once was occupied by front derailleur shifters – the space that we all used for trigger style dropper remotes to keep our cockpit nice and clean. For exactly these reasons the rather neglected "traditional“ remotes like our 2-By remote have become more popular once again and we thought it does really deserves a small update. A completely redesigned hinged clamp allows for easier installation and new cable fixing via a rotating barrel nut makes the engagement feel smoother and reduces wear and tear on cables.


The 2X is compatible with all cable-controlled droppers, can be mounted on the left or right side of the handlebars and is now a very nice alternative when no Triggy can be used due to interfering existing controls remotes/levers/units left side under-bar.



Price: $60 US / 60€
Weight: 23g
Availability: now

More information available at

View key specs, compare products, and rate BikeYoke's seatposts in the Vital MTB Product Guide.

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