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One year without Rampage is one year too many! We are so excited to see Andreu doing what he does best; making vibrations direct from the Utah desert. 

To complete the show we've prepared a special FRS… Andreu’s FRS!

Apparently the Catalonian air rusts aluminum :) Loic already made good use of his at the last World Cup in the USA, let's hope for the same outcome!



Frame: COMMENCAL FRS Mullet 27/26, size S
Paint : Custom - livingthisbikelife
Fork: RockShox BoXXer Utimate 200mm (specific settings)
Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate DH (specific settings)
Drivetrain: Hope Tech cranks, Single Speed SB1 G3
Brakes: Hope Tech3 V4 Wheels: Hope Tech Fortus DH
Tyres: Continental Der Kaiser Projekt 2.4 with 27.5 front / 26 rear
Cockpit: Reverse Nico Vink Signature Series
Saddle: Reverse Nico Vink Signature

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iceman2058 iceman2058 10/11/2021 10:07 AM

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This is likely utilizing a dynamic idler position. As the suspension compresses the pedal kickback caused by chain growth is counteracted by the idler pulley being 'lifted' off the top-side of the chain. It's probably an easy way to counteract pedal kickback for a low pivot bike... however it's likely not particularly efficient because when the chain is tensioned it will put additional upwards force on that idler which may compress the suspension (a small amount). In future I would bet any money that we'll see a lot more idler pulleys mounted indynamic positions in order to control chain growth and pedal kickback.

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