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Abbey Bike Tools Launches Three Brand New Tools 13

U.S. manufactured tools that are in stock and ready to make your life easier.

As a 100% domestic manufacture we’ve had a smoother trail than many over the last year. Giant ships blocking canals don’t really do anything but make us laugh. Even though we’re moving through lots of product we’ve still managed to squeak out a little bit of time to come up with some new tools because who doesn’t love new tool day! We’ve got three all-new tools to share with you today and all of them are actually in stock. Yeah that’s right, we actually have tools to sell you. 

Saw Guide - $100 USD

First up is a new steer tube saw guide we worked on with the fine folks at Allied Cycle Works. Lead engineer at Allied, Sam Pickman called us up early this year to solve a problem, trimming steer tubes that have cables running through them. Normal guides don’t do this very well since they need to slide over the end of the steer tube. This makes trimming that last 5mm of steer tube off after you’re sure the bike is where you want it pretty difficult. Solving this problem isn’t hard, you just make the guide a U instead of an O shape, but why stop there? We also addressed the squareness of the cut some other guides struggle with by narrowing the compatibility to 1 and 1.125-inch steer tubes and machining the body of the clamp out of one chunk of steel. This ensures the guide holds onto the steer tube more securely and gives the blade a better chance of making a square cut. 

DUB Crank Dust Cap Tool - $30 USD

Next is another collaboration with our industry friends at SRAM. This little tool isn’t complicated, but it works so well where other tools tend to struggle. It’s a little socket for DUB dust caps. You don’t have to mess with these that often but when you do, few other things work well. These sockets feature a 3/8-inch square drive. They use four hardened pins to engage all the holes in the dust caps. They’re also marked to remind you that these parts use a right-hand thread, so you don’t struggle to get them off and then realize you were actually tightening them. 

Lever Setter - $35 USD

The third tool to join the lineup is our “Lever Setter” another bike fit related tool to compliment our fit kit. Fit tools are a funny category, one group of people sees no point in them because their body just isn’t that picky. The other side thinks they’re paramount to their happiness on the bike. This little tool allows you to use our Hanger Alignment Guage (HAG) to compare your lever position from one side to the other making sure they are at the same height and rotation to each other. Simply replace the headset top cap with the lever setter, bolt the HAG in and use the indicator to compare the levers side to side. Compatible with drop and flat bar shifters and brake levers. 

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