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A Custom Tune, Custom Graphics, Star Nut and Headset Race Installed? Yep. MRP's Ready to Shred Program 1

MRP is coming in hot with their new suspension customization and preparation program.

A Custom Tune, Custom Graphics, Star Nut and Headset Race Installed? Yep. MRP's Ready to Shred Program

Introducing a better way to upgrade your suspension. The “Ready to Shred” Package combines the most customizable forks on the market with a concierge experience that does the work for you, so you can spend more time on the trails, riding suspension that was made just for you.


The “Ready to Shred'' package from MRP completely streamlines the suspension upgrade experience. Not everyone has local access to one of MRP's Preferred Dealers, the specialty tools required, the experience and knowledge needed, or even the time or desire to install and setup a product as technical as a suspension fork. And even if you do, are you going to turn down a heckuva head start on the process? Let us do the work and we'll leave the riding to you.


MRP forks are built individually, to your specifications. There's no need to settle for "what's available" then throw money at personalizing it or, even worse, upgrading your brand new fork just to get the features you want. You choose your perfect MRP fork by selecting model, travel,offset, axle style, and color, then provide us with just seven tidbits of information so your fork can arrive prepped for quick and easy installation and tuned specifically for you. A fork that's"Ready to Shred."

Ready to Shred Installation Prep

We take care of the labor to make your installation a snap, typically taking only a few minutes and requiring nothing more than a common multi-tool. The steps we take include:

  • Precision steerer tube cutting
  • Starnut installation
  • Crown Race installation
  • Inclusion of adapter for your brake brand & rotor size

Not sure what headset you have, what your steerer tube should be or if you need an adapter? No worries, we have guides on the website to help you identify this information.


Ready to Shred Tuning

Here's where it gets really fun. We take into consideration the whole package when it comes to tuning: bike, rider, terrain and performance target. You'll answer a few questions about your weight, local terrain, and performance preferences and we'll arrive at the perfect baseline setup for you.

1. Bike: For both air and coil-sprung forks, we take the amount of travel into account in our spring settings. For Ramp Control-equipped forks, this influences our starting position in the range. For volume-adjustable forks, this dictates our starting volume.

2. Rider: Rider weight is the next consideration for both spring and damper setup. Weight and travel specifics help us arrive at both positive and negative air-chamber settings for air-sprung forks, and spring rate for coil-sprung forks.

3. Terrain: The characteristics of your primary riding terrain help us further home-in on the perfect spring setup. For instance, steep and feature-laden trails necessitate more spring support and increased bottom-out resistance.

4. Performance: Finally, we consider your performance preferences. Baseline damper settings(low-speed compression and rebound) are calculated from the spring settings arrived at from the above. Fine-tuning is accomplished by considering which you value more: big-hit performance and control or overall comfort.

Finishing Touches

With such a personalized fork, why not literally put your name on it? You get to choose your8-character serial number. To top it off, as with all MRP suspension, your fork is dyno-tested to ensure perfect performance before heading out the door. Along with your fork, you'll find a"Ready to Shred" setup card explaining your tuning settings for future reference.

Say goodbye to generic forks and upgrade to an MRP fork, made truly just for you. Regularly a $39.95 upgrade when purchasing an MRP fork, the "Ready to Shred" package is free for a limited time.

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