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Photo2011 represents an entirely new rear shock line from X-Fusion. We have taken what we have learned over the last 10 years and spent countless hours with our Engineers, athletes and ETP (Elite Test Program) riders. From concept sketches, to early prototypes, through extensive pre-production lab and field-testing we have poured our passion into creating the best possible aftermarket shocks available. Led by Anthony Trujillo (Engineering and Product Manager), our Engineering Team achieved its goal of designing a line of shocks to satisfy the needs of every rider without compromising quality or performance.  X-Fusion is proud to introduce you to the all-new 2011 aftermarket rear shock line.

The Vector Series has been reborn in 2011.  Stronger, lighter, more durable, and a lot more adjustable, the Vector Series provides what you need to tackle world cup downhills or epic all-mountain adventures. For 2011 we have made many changes that will enhance your perception on how high-end coil shocks should perform.
PhotoTyler McCaul’s first day of testing the 2011 Vector HLR

Immediately noticeable are the cosmetic changes we made to the shock. Reduced compression knobs and optimal reservoir lengths on specific shock sizes to maximize frame clearance. The Vector Series was also given a sleek new graphic designed to match the all black body and reservoir. Although performance is the priority, the new clean look of the Vector will surely compliment any frame.
PhotoJD Swanguen’s Intense 951 with Vector HLR (Stikman Photo)

Additionally we have switched to an aluminum shaft that drops the overall weight of the shock significantly. The rebound oil flow has been increased and a re-design adjuster rod profile offers finer resolution between clicks and additional tuning capabilities. Our low speed compression circuit has been refined which allows for a more usable and even range of adjustment. Lastly, we have completely redesigned our coil springs for even more weight savings. The Vector Series offers you a shock out of the box with the performance to satisfy elite world cup racers.
PhotoRyan Condrashoff puts the Vector through its paces at the Northstar Pro GRT (Stikman Photo)

PhotoThe O2 Series is the most versatile line of shocks that we offer. Like all of our 2011 shocks, the line has been completely redesigned to offer better performance and additional weight savings.  The O2 line has expanded to 5 shocks for 2011. O2 RCX, O2 RLX, O2 RL, O2 RLR (Remote Lockout Version of O2 RL), and O2 R. Although the shocks are similar, this was done to offer the consumer the perfect shock for their individual needs. Additionally for 2011 we will be giving consumers the option to custom tune their shocks individually by changing the air volume in both the positive and negative air chambers.

2011 O2 Highlighted Features
- New air sleeve design that provides a lower air-spring compression ratio.
- New piston with increased CSFA (Cross Section Flow Area) to provide better oil flow and additional tuning capabilities.
- New adjustment knobs with more aggressive detents to ensure riders do not miss the intended adjustment position.
- New seal design and materials to optimize performance and increase durability.
-Updated compression and rebound tuning based on years of feedback from our Race Program, our ETP (Elite Test Program) and internal testing done by employees.
-Additional air chamber reducer rings for custom Air-Spring tuning in both positive and negative air chambers.
-Additional Volume (AV) Air-Sleeve option across the line to provide a more linear air-spring option for specific frames.
PhotoAndrew Taylor on the O2 RCX (Justin Brantley Photo)


AV Sleeve
All X-Fusion O2 air shocks can be purchased with the AV Sleeve (Additional Volume Sleeve) upgrade. The AV Sleeve provides a more linear air-spring curve required on some bikes and longer travel air shocks.  Many of our competitors make high volume air sleeves, but we have designed ours with performance in mind. The AV Sleeve has been designed with the additional air chamber placed solely at the very top of the air sleeve. Doing so minimizes the surface area that is covered by 2 layers of hard-anodized aluminum. This leaves the Air Sleeve’s walls thinnest where the majority of the heat will generate allowing for the shock to be less affected by extended high shaft speed terrain.

The 2011 rear shock line will be available August 2010

For US Sales Inquires Please Contact our US Sales Team @
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