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Waterville Valley, NH, USA (July 30, 2014) – The inaugural Pinnacle Bike Championship course at Waterville Valley Resort is built on the face of Mt. Tecumseh, a 4,000 foot peak in the White Mountain National Forest. Racing starts from the top of the White Peak Express. The course brings riders up to speed quickly as they head 10 wide straight into Upper Bobby’s, named after regular Waterville Valley Resort skier and presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy. This a 1/3 mile sector through natural undulating terrain and granite rock slabs.

As the course completes Sector 1 it dives across to the top of the World Cup Triple Lift where 11 FIS Alpine races have been held.  Sector 2 is where riders will see their first spectacular features with a 50’ ramp to ramp gap jump and 60’ ramp to natural dirt roller gap jump, linked together through high-speed corners.

If the riders thought those were testing their nerves, they better rein in their fears and be ready to conquer Utter Abandon. This is a black diamond ski run providing the steepest and rockiest terrain on the mountain. Riders will come into this sector with a lot of momentum as the crest the knoll and sweep into a breath-taking traverse. This starts a section of wide off-comber lines connected with multiple 180 degree corners and plenty of passing opportunities. At the end of Sector 3, as the athletes exit Utter Abandon the course reaches its most narrow section at only 20’ wide between two tree groupings.

Riders will launch through to The Chute into Sector 4 and careen off a 40’ natural drop driven by a wood ledge. Now the fun starts. If the drop wasn’t enough, the course speeds up into Exhibition requiring the riders to stay off the brakes as they can hit upwards of 60MPH side-by-side through the Speed Trap! Here they go from their highest speeds to their lowest speeds under heavy breaking to see who can leave it on the longest, all within view of the finish.

Into the Final Sector the athletes appear to the electric crowd below. With 1/3 mile of the course viewable from the finish line, spectators will be on their toes to witness the action. Here the course gets back up to speed fast with steep drop-ins and rough corners leading up the grand daddy, a 70’ ramp to ramp gap jump for all the glory. With only a couple last corners into the finish line, riders better be in position for one last pass to get the win!

All gap jumps utilize wood ramp individual take-offs with space in between. Riders have to choose a line and if they chicken out or have a mechanical they can bail at the last minute and go in between, while sacrificing time.

  • Course Length:     1.25 miles
  • Vertical Drop:     1,560 feet
  • Average width:     25 feet
  • Estimated Time:   Under 3 minutes

Learn more about the brackets and race format here

Located in the heart of the White Mountain National Forest, Waterville Valley Resort has worked closely with the U.S. Forest Service to plan the course.

Tickets for the Pinnacle Bike Championship can be purchased at starting on August 1, 2014.

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sspomer sspomer 7/30/2014 8:41 AM

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What a circus act. This is f-ing stupid. Great way to break off a whole bunch of people.

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I would only consider this a course preview if it were for the video game version. Otherwise, I would call this a "rendered concept course."

That naming snafu does not discredit the event though.

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