RESULTS and REPLAY: Mont-Sainte-Anne Elite Downhill World Cup Semi-Finals

The weather wants the last word at the final World Cup of the 2023 season.

Mont-Sainte-Anne is a brutal test in the best of conditions, add a little precipitation and it can quickly turn into a nightmare. After a few sunny days of training in the dry, the predicted rain held off during morning practice but finally arrived just as the elite women were getting their semi-finals underway. The track looked slick and treacherous, as evidenced by a couple of crashes and large time gaps at the finish line. With the overall already decided and several women protected for the the finals, we were not looking at anybody's best effort here, but that didn't stop Vali Höll from claiming the top spot and letting everybody know that she is very much planning on signing off on her stellar season with another win here in the finals later today.

In the elite men's category, all eyes are of course on the fight for the overall title. Series leader Loic Bruni looked to be riding well within himself as he crossed the line in third place, while his nearest rival Loris Vergier came down in 10th. Jackson Goldstone certainly wasn't shy about his intentions, laying down a fast and relaxed run to go fastest by a huge margin - he'll need a win later today with Loic finishing 9th or lower to claim the title (or finish 2nd with Loic placing 30th). Finn Iles can also mathematically still claim the title, but he'll need a win and quite bad results for the other contenders to do so. Stay tuned as we only have a couple of hours to wait now before we know!


2023 Mont-Sainte-Anne UCI DH World Cup Semi-Final Results - Elite Women

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2023 Mont-Sainte-Anne UCI DH World Cup Semi-Final Results - Elite Men

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