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Injuries are an unfortunate part of our sport. Sometimes they sideline even the best riders for several weeks, and as a result, riders miss competitions or their performance is affected. This Vital MTB feature is intended to let you know who is injured and when they are expected to be back.

We wish everyone on this list the best as they strive to get back on their bikes. As always, be safe and wear a helmet.

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Last update: October 27, 2011
Sorted alphabetically by last name

Chris Akrigg - Leg, Arm
Fell off a cliff while filming for a trials video, breaking his femur and radius. As of October 27, "Rode three days in a row, even managed a bunny hop today, so happy to be on the mend." He's rehabbing well and has been spinning around on his bike since late September.


Bryn Atkinson - Leg, Elbow
Crashed during practice at the Plattekill ProGRT. As of October 17 via Jill Kintner: "Bryn had surgery the other day to get the pins out of his elbow. He is now at full range of motion, much happier, and almost totally healed with everything. That Femur break was a hard injury, and will take some more time to get full strength back, but he was out shredding XC like nothing had happened the other day. Skills never leave. On track for next year."


Josh Button - Knee
In Josh's words, "Worlds Practice - Caught a Boonah. Boonah crashed. I brake checked, high-sided, landed on my right knee and folded her back, K.O'd. Torn ACL, meniscus and medial ligaments. Within 36 hours I had full right knee reconsctruction." He'll be out for about 5 more months.

Cam Cole - Arm
Cam broke his arm in two places while practicing the Worlds course at Champery. As of October 18, "Going OK. More movement now and using it for normal people day to day kinda stuff. Started swimming and running again."


Jim DeChamp - Back
Suffered a pretty serious back injury while taping for the upcoming movie Nitro Circus 3D. On July 17th we learned that Jim will make a full recovery, so thumbs up.

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Sam Dueck - Shoulder
Separated his shoulder while dirt jumping in Fernie. As of October 21, "Can't believe separated my shoulder again for the third time! And once again right before AT's showdown. Hope it can heal in 19 days."

Brendan Fairclough - Knee
Brendan goofed up his knee early in the World Cup race season but decided to hold out on surgery until after the series was over. As of October 25th, "Just got the all clear to get back on the road bike. Two weeks today since opp, happy man."


Cedric Gracia - Knee
Crashed during the French National Champs, injuring his ACL. He's been back on the bike for a while and the knee is feeling good.


Matti Lehikoinen - Jaw
Matti had a huge crash at the Nordic Downhill Championships in Sweden, seriously injuring his jaw. As of November 7th, "Today I got doctors release that I am allowed to eat properly and start exercising. My jaw is fully healed and things are looking good."


Danny MacAskill - Knee
Danny had a nagging meniscus injury that required surgery on October 12th. "Been unable to ride my bike properly for the last few months due to a torn meniscus so its going to be sweet getting in sorted out. Hopefully I’ll be back riding 100% in no time!" Following surgery, "The surgeon has told me that my knee is all tuned up so hopefully with some serious rehab on Red Bulls performance program it will be good as new in no time."


Wyn Masters - Arm
Looks like he's back at it following a few surgeries to fix some plates in his arm. Skate helmet on a road bike = winning.


Tyler McCaul - Back
As of October 27th, "Fractured T4 in my back. 6 or so weeks off the bike, again! Oh well, it's part of the game and it is what it is, could be worse."


Harrison Mendel - Leg
Had a get off during Crankworx and broke his leg. It's a spiral break of both the Tibia and Fibula into the growth plate, and he's estimated to be out for 16-20 weeks starting in August. As of October 24, "First steps with out crutches or robo boot, progress."

Erik Nelson - Hip/Shoulder
Broke his hip while practicing the World Champs 4X course at Champery. As of October 20th, "I'm walking fine now, although not far. I can spin on a road bike for a little bit. Just started physical therapy today, pool therapy with arthritic old ladies. The outlook is long, but very positive. Will make a full recovery. As soon as I'm solid with my walking and stairs etc, I'll being going under the knife to repair my shoulder which was also injured in the crash. Projected recovery time from that is about 6 months. I'm expecting to be good enough with my hips to get my shoulder surgery by Christmas. As the doctors put it, that puts me at late May for a full recovery. Total of about 8 months..."

Scott Shepherd - Head
Sustained a massive crash at the British 4X series at PORC. As of October 11, "Scott is still doing really well on Kings Lodge, and they have finally told us he is no longer in the coma (even though we kinda knew this anyway) which is great news. It doesn't mean that he is fully back with us though and our biggest challenge at the moment is to get him to start communicating with us - easier said than done I can tell you. He has figured out now how to remove his wrist splints and how to pick his nose, very normal behaviour for our Scott!

We have also been asked to start looking at Scott's options for the future in terms of his care and where this will be. As much as we all love the staff at Kings Lodge, it is only a short term intensive rehabilitation ward and we do have to start thinking long term for him.  This will take quite a long time though once all the bureaucracy and red tape has been negotiated and so we will take our time looking for the best place possible for him to ensure his progress continues."

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Steve Smith - Leg/Ankle
Crashed at Val di Sole, chipping his tibia which caused his fibula to slightly separate at the bottom. As of October 16, "Started walking Tuesday. Today was my first time doing proper outdoor stuff. Went for a road ride and now going for a put around on the KTM. The screws come out in a few months."

Check out the handlebar he used to fix his crutches!


Andi Wittmann - Collarbone
Shortly after recovering from a previous injury, Andi sustained a broken collarbone at the dirt jumps. "
I went to my homespot for a easy going dirtjump session - it was just the third time riding dirtbike after my shoulder injury. 
In one run I made a moto whip, sticked my bar in my trousers and couldn't do anything. 
I crashed hard on the left side of my body again, straight on the shoulder and my head. 
The result is a broken collarbone and some bruises on my whole body... 
Super cool after a 3 month rehab to get surgery again... so disapointed about that. C
heers, ride carefully and don't wear shorts or too loose trousers."

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